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Remember these? A Pair of Mini Stock Memorable Moments of 2017

Through the course of the 2017 season, there were plenty of moments that stood out for the Signs of Innovation Mini Stocks at Sunset Speedway.

Before we look ahead to 2018, let’s take a glance back at a pair of those moments.

Montanari vs Smith – August 26

Leading with seven laps to go, Charlie Smith got a good restart as Nic Montanari and Eric Yorke went side-by-side for second ahead of Cameron McGlashan and Daniel Montanari. Nic Montanari got the spot on Lap 21, with McGlashan getting alongside Yorke for third. The caution would fly a lap later, though, as Randi Seguin went around in turn four. The first attempt at a restart with three laps to go didn’t go well, with a four-car tangle happening in turns three and four. T

The second attempt went clearly, with Nic Montanari getting the jump as he pulled ahead of Smith. Smith then tagged the back of Montanari, but it didn’t change the course of events over the final laps of the event. Nic Montanari led the rest of the way en route to scoring the feature victory.

May 27th – Battle City

Photo Courtesy of Eric Uprichard and Sunset Speedway

Right from halfway at Lap 15, things began to get interesting as Charlie Smith moved into second, before passing Johnny Paradzinski for the lead in a three-wide move that included the lap car of Amanda Shave. Behind them, it was Eric Yorke and Nic Montanari running side-by-side for third ahead of Daniel Montanari, Joe Dunlop and Mike Robinson Jr. Yorke was able to clear Montanari for third, followed by passing Paradzinski on Lap 17 to move into the runner-up spot behind Smith.

The focus then became the battle for third between Paradzinski and Nic Montanari. The pair would make contact in turn three, with Montanari tapping the back of Paradzinski. Paradzinski then drove Montanari down towards the inside wall down the frontstretch, followed by into the grass a little entering turn one. Montanari was still able to clear Paradzinski, with Smith and Daniel Montanari also making their way by. Nic Montanari then slowed going into turn three, eventually stopping on the exit of turn four with a flat tire for the caution at Lap 19. 

The focus on the restart with seven laps to go was the battle for the lead between the top-two, with Eric Yorke making the move on the last lap to snag the top spot, and score the victory. Charlie Smith finished second, followed by Daniel Montanari, Charlie Smith, and Johnny Paradzinski.

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