Jody Bound Scores Second Straight Outlaw Midget Championship

For the third consecutive year in a row, Jody Bound is at the top of the pylon at season’s end. After winning the OSCAAR Midget title in 2015, he has now gone back-to-back in the Outlaw Midgets, winning the championship in 2016 and 2017.

“It was a nice season,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS at the Outlaw Midget banquet. “We had a great bunch of guys out with the Outlaw Midgets. We think we ended up with 23 cars at Sunset and the least amount was 18 so it was a tough battle. It’s great to bring home for the No. 5 car once again this year. Larry’s of Orangeville, NTN Bearings, Midas of Orangeville, and Paul Law backed us 100%. Without their support, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing.”

Like he has other seasons, Bound was quick right from the first event in 2017, winning multiple features over the course of the season.

“My biggest goal was to win a surf board at Sauble beach,” he noted. “I’ve always wanted one of those to hang on the wall, and it meant a lot to me. I know it was small, but I was proud to bring it home and we actually did back-to-back so I was also able to give Larry one for his wall.”

Notably, this year saw the competition tougher than before as notables like Jessica James, Adam Carrothers, and Brian Woodland stepped up their game to put themselves in contention to win races alongside Bound.

“This year was definitely harder,” Bound commented. “A lot of guys are stepping up their game. We had some good counts and there are some fast cars. There were some tough battles on the track. We were fast, but it was consistency that paid off. I look at each race and don’t look at the points championship till the end of the year – just go race-by-race and the points take care of themselves.”

With three straight championships, it seems there’s no slowing Bound and his bunch down as they intend to keep the good times rolling next season.

“The No. 5 car, it’s a pretty well oiled machine,” he said. “I’ve got three amigos – Larry, Paul, and Brian, and everybody knows their job. Brian looks after the tires, Larry is the motor guy, and Paul is our computer data guy.

“We’ve got some ideas as we didn’t show all our cards this year. Every time the car goes on the track, we learn something, and there are some things that we want to try for next year. There’s some stuff that we tried at the last race that opened our eyes, and we’ll see what happens. We hope to come out with a good package.”


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