Ontario Legend Series

Matt Haufe Sweeps Ontario Legends Series Features at Sunset Speedway

Going with a double feature format on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, Matt Haufe was quick in both events, scoring a pair of victories to just add to his stellar season thus far.

Haufe started off on top from the get go, scoring the pole for the first feature with a lap of 15.756 seconds. Adam Cuthbertson qualified second, ahead of Kevin Foisy, Miles Tyson, and Jamie Riberdy. Robin Jogen started sixth, followed by Parker Traves, Jeff Drimmie, Cole McFadden, and Don Arnott. Shawn Murray qualified 11th, followed by Rick Eades, Mark Griffin, Wes Cuthbertson, James McArthur, Mike Gettliffe, Dawson Drimmie, Cory Richardson, Terry McCelland, and Glenn Lloyd.

Haufe jumped out to the early lead, with Foisy and Adam Cuthbertson side-by-side for second. Foisy got the spot on Lap 2, with Tyson getting alongside Cuthbertson for third. Behind them, Riberdy ran fifth, with Jongen and Traves side-by-side for sixth ahead of McFadden, Jeff Drimmie and Wes Cuthbertson.

Adam Cuthbertson was able to clear Tyson for on Lap 5, with Tyson running into bigger problems as he spun around in turn two a lap later along with Riberdy. With 15 laps to go, Haufe led Foisy, Adam Cuthbertson, Jongen, Traves, McFadden, Drimmie, Wes Cuthbertson, Griffin, Gettliffe, McArthur, Murray, and Eades.

Haufe got a good restart ahead of Foisy, Adam Cuthbertson, Jongen, Traves and McFadden. Behind them, Drimmie and Gettliffe ran side-by-side for seventh ahead of Wesley Cuthbertson, Griffin and McArthur. Tyson continued to make his way forward after his spin, too, getting alongside Arnott for 12th at the halfway mark.

Unfortunately, Jongen would run into an issue off turn two on Lap 11, seeing him drop back through the field. As a result, Traves was able to take over the fourth spot, with McFadden getting alongside him on Lap 12. McFadden was unable to complete the pass, though, falling back in line in fifth. Behind them, Gettliffe ran sixth ahead of Drimmie, with Tyson alongside Wes Cuthbertson for seventh. Cuthbertson initially held onto the spot, though got real loose on Lap 17, allowing both Tyson and Griffin by.

Matt Haufe led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Kevin Foisy, Adam Cuthbertson, Parker Traves, and Cole McFadden. Mike Gettliffe finished sixth, followed by Jeff Drimmie, Miles Tyson, Mark Griffin, and Wes Cuthbertson.

Jamie Riberdy finished 11th, followed by James McArthur, Shawn Murray, Robin Jongen, Don Arnott, Rick Eades, Glenn Lloyd, Dawson Drimmie, and Terry McCelland.

For the second feature, Parker Traves started on pole ahead of Adam Cuthbertson, Kevin Foisy, Jeff Drimmie, Cole McFadden, Mark Griffin, Miles Tyson, Matt Haufe, Wes Cuthbertson, Robin Jongen, Shawn Murray, James McArthur, Jamie Riberdy, Don Arnott, Dawson Drimmie, Glenn Lloyd, Rick Eades, Keith McLeod, and Cory Richardson.

The feature did not get off to a clean start, with debris being left on the frontstretch on Lap 1 following contact after Wesley Cuthbertson got into Jeff Drimmie with Drimmie slowed for Griffin getting squirrely off of turn four.

The second attempt to go green went smoothly, with Traves grabbing the early lead ahead of Foisy, as Adam Cuthbertson and Haufe battled for third ahead of Tyson, McFadden and Gettliffe. Haufe got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Cuthbertson and Tyson. McFadden continued to run sixth ahead of Gettliffe, Jongen, Riberdy, Griffin, Drimmie, McLeod, and McArthur.

Business picked up at Lap 9, with Tyson getting alongside Cuthbertson for fourth, as Haufe passed Foisy for second. Tyson then got alongside Foisy for third on Lap 11, though was unable to complete the pass.

Haufe’s climb through the field was complete on Lap 14 as he passed Traves to take the top spot. Foisy ran third ahead of Tyson, Cuthbertson and McFadden as Griffin headed down pit road with a problem on Lap 15. Lloyd was next to head pit side, electing for the next lap of competition.

Outside of the top-10, Jongen continued to run seventh now ahead of Riberdy, Gettliffe, Drimmie, Wesley Cuthbertson, McLeod, McArthur, Richardson and Eades.

There would be some late-race drama, with the second caution coming out on Lap 20 for McFadden spinning on the backstretch.

Haufe got a good restart to keep the lead, with Foisy alongside Traves for second, but the caution flew again for McArthur spinning in turn two. McArthur’s night did not get much better, either, as he’d spin once again for a third yellow flag a lap later.

The third attempt to go back green flag racing saw Haufe continue his great restarts with Tyson now up to second ahead of Foisy, with Jongen getting alongside Foisy for the spot with two laps to go. He was unable to complete the pass, though, as the fifth caution flew of McLeod going around in turn two.

Matt Haufe got a good restart, taking the victory ahead of Miles Tyson, Kevin Foisy, Robin Jongen, and Parker Traves. Adam Cuthbertson finished sixth, followed by Jamie Riberdy, Mike Gettliffe, Jeff Drimmie and Wes Cuthbertson. Jamie McArthur finished 11th, followed by Cole McFadden, Rick Eades, Cory Richardson, Dawson Drimmie, Keith McLeod, Glenn Lloyd, Mark Griffin, Shawn Murray, and Don Arnott.

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