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Paul Maltese Scores Top-Five Finish at Sunset Speedway

In both features on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, Paul Maltese ran up front en route to scoring a pair of top-10 finishes.

Starting mid-pack for the first feature, Maltese was able to make his way up to the 11th position by the first caution at Lap 6. From there, he avoided contact between the pair of race leaders at Lap 10 to gain two more positions to move up to ninth. Restarting inside the top-10 with 26 laps to go, he continued to move forward, taking Taylor Holdaway and Brittney Gresel three-wide for sixth a lap later, moving into the sixth position as of Lap 13. He ran there till the next caution flew at Lap 17 for another incident.

Restarting just outside the top-five, he’d battle side-by-side with Ron Quesnelle for fifth, but ultimately fell back to the seventh spot by Lap 24 prior to the next caution flying. Maltese got a good restart, though, gaining back two of the positions he lost to move back up to fifth with eight laps to go. From there on, he battled hard through the final laps en route to a fifth-place finish.

Starting fourth in the second 35-lap feature, he moved up to third in the early stages, till he was bumped back to fourth on Lap 20 by eventual race winner Gord Shepherd. From there on, he held off a charge from Danny Benedict, but was ultimately passed by Spencer-Walt to drop back to fifth. He’d continue to battle hard in the closing stages, but Benedict was able to sneak by, resulting in a sixth-place finish.

While there have been some rough notes throughout the year, he has posted eight top-10 finishes to date, including three top-fives. He will look to continue running strong on July 29 in the next night of competition at Sunset Speedway.

Maltese and team are proud to be supported by Presto Appliance Repair, Delmeade Construction, Paragon Office Installations, Leitch Performance, Blue Sky Contracting and Landscape, Ontario Steel Sales, Essies Poultry Farms, Auto Trim Design, and OAS.

Be sure to keep up with Maltese Motorsports all year by joining the team’s facebook group –


By: Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing –


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