Can-Am Midgets

Adrian Stahle Holds off DeMan for Lucas Oil TQ Midget Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

On Saturday night at Sunset Speedway, Adrian Stahle was able to grab the lead early, followed by fending off Mack DeMan late in the event to score the Lucas Oil T.Q. Midget feature victory.

Adam Racine won the first heat ahead of Darren Dryden, Ryan Fraser, Adrian Stahle, Dominique Smith, and Luc Munsie.

Mack DeMan won the second heat Cory Whittam, Barry Dunn, Steve Murdoch, and Todd Cresswell.

Come feature time, Barry Dunn started pole ahead of Ryan Fraser, Cory Whittam, Adrian Stahle, Steve Murdoch, Darren Dryden, Mack DeMan, Adam Racine, Dominique Smith, Todd Cresswell, and Luc Munsie.

The start saw a battle for the lead between Fraser and Stahle, with Stahle grabbing the top spot on Lap 2 ahead of Fraser, Dryden and Racine with DeMan alongside Dunn for fifth. Dryden then got alongside Fraser for second at Lap 4, completing the pass a lap later. Racine then moved into third on Lap 6 ahead of DeMan, Fraser, Murdoch, Dunn, Whittam, Cresswell, Smith and Munsie.

The feature looked like it’d go green to checkered without a caution, but that wasn’t meant to be the case. Midway through the event, Racine slowed in turn three with a problem, drawing the yellow flag.

Stahle got a good restart to keep the top spot with DeMan getting alongside Dryden for second. DeMan got the spot a lap later ahead of Dryden, while Murdoch and Fraser ran side-by-side for fourth. Murdoch got the spot, handily, ahead of Fraser, Dunn, Whittam, Cresswell, Smith and Munsie.

Through the closing laps, DeMan was able to close the gap between himself and Stahle, getting on the leader’s bumper. However, despite a couple attempts, he was unable to complete the pass for the lead.

Adrian Stahle picked up the victory ahead of Mack DeMan, Darren Dryden, Steve Murdoch and Ryan Fraser. Cory Whittam finished sixth, followed by Todd Cresswell, Dominique Smith, and Luc Munsie.

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