Flamboro Speedway

Brandt Graham And Russ Aicken Big Winners At Flamboro Speedway On Canada Day

By Randy Spencer (Flamboro Speedway PR) – Canada Day at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway has always offered a lot of great and exciting racing action over the years and this one was no different. The Lucas Oil Sportsman were the headline attraction on this day and were joined by the Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks and Pure Stocks as well as a visit by the Torque Builders Inc. Ontario Modifieds. Racing was a little late starting as a late afternoon band of showers passed through and took quite a while to dry the track. Hot laps were shortened and racing would get under way with time trials for the LOSC cars to determine the order for their first 50 lap feature. Before racing got underway we had a moment of silence to honor the memory of one of the greatest promoters in Canadian stock car racing history. Former owner of Cayuga Speedway Bob Slack passed away last weekend at the age of 88. Condolences to the entire Slack family from everyone at Flamboro Speedway and the Flamboro Stadium & Speedway Hall of Fame.
Time trials for the LOSC were first and fourteen cars would take two laps each to determine the running order for the first feature. A green track would likely mean the track record set by “Hollywood” Mike Hrynuik last September of 16.005 would be hard to beat. Times were slow off the start but the fifth car out would set the fast time. The “Flying Farmer” Kevin Gallant would lay down a fast lap of 16.485 to sit on the pole. Brandt Graham at 16.505, Chad McGlynn at 16.670, Doug Cathcart at 16.700 and Brent Wheller rounded out the top five at 16.718.
We got right into racing action with the Torque Builders Inc. Ontario Modifieds running two eight lap heats. Chris Burrows and Mark Gordon were victorious. In race one, Connor James and Chris Burrows were on the pole. Burrows led all the way leading a freight of train of cars. Stu Robinson was battling Connor James for second and third and the veteran Robinson got by his teammate James out of four on the last lap to take second with Burrows coming home first. Race two pretty much the same story. Randy Hollingsworth led the first time by but Duane Cinnamon got into Mark Gordon sending him around on lap three. Gordon wouldn’t let that faze him. He got his spot back on the outside of the front on the restart and took off and was out the front and he would lead the rest of the way picking up the second heat win.
The LOSC would run their first 50 lap feature. Fan favorite Kevin Gallant would lead early but was black flagged on lap 13 due to a fuel leak. Race officials monitored it for several laps to see if it was just an overflow issue but it didn’t get better. Brandt Graham would be the new leader on the restart. Chad McGlynn was right behind and Alvin McNichol was battling Doug Cathcart real hard for third and fourth. A caution on lap 21 as Connor James, who was running double duty got into Kevin Trevellin through 3-4. A few laps later James was around on his own and that brought the field back to even once again. Gallant was giving it all he had and was now back up to second place. Several cautions allowed McGlynn to stay close to Graham and the two traded the lead on several occasions. Brent Wheller lost a tire and was in to the wall and the leader Graham spun to the infield to avoid but fortunate for him got his spot back and led the rest of the way for the victory. Chad McGlynn would come home second followed by Kevin Gallant.
Pure Stock first feature was next with Jeff Kennedy and Kevin Jackman on the pole. The race was dominated early by Eric Crow. He started on the outside of row two but led lap one. Several cautions but Crow continued to lead. Points leader Doug Moir was right at Crow’s back door. The two would breakaway from the pack, Moir would battle him for many laps and would finally catch and over take Crow for the lead out of turn two on lap 14 to pick up the win.
Mini Stock action was dominated by points leader Russ Aicken. He would start outside of row two. Shawn Taylor was pole and led the first two laps. An early caution allowed Aicken to line up along side Taylor and Aicken was like a shot out of a gun on the restart and was the new leader. The real battle was for second through fourth between Shawn Taylor, Rodney Rutherford and Allie Ditner. Several cautions slowed the race but Aicken continued the domination. The real battle was for second and third still and as the cars came across the line it was Aicken first and Taylor edging out Rodney Rutherford by two one thousandths of a second at the line.
The Super Stocks made their return and action was fast paced and often heated during both features. Shawn Arnott and Carson Nagy started out front and broke away from the field. The race was like a freight train for the most part and would be the tamer of the two features on this night. As the checkers flew it was Arnott narrowly beating Nagy followed by Brandon McFerran.
After a very brief intermission the Ontario Modifieds hit the track for their 25 lap feature event. Stu Robinson started pole and dominated throughout. He broke away from the pack and won handily. Brad Stevenson and Rick Warnes rounded out the top three.
Pure Stocks were next for their second feature. Gillian Hils built up a nice lead early but that quickly evaporated as Clinton Kerkhof caught her and took the lead. They battled a few laps but Kerkhof would eventually pick up the win. It was girl power in this one with Hils second followed by Courtney Scott.
A heated feature was in the cards as the Super Stocks hit the track. This division has been lower in car counts compared to the other divisions but offers the fans some of the most exciting and hard fought action night in and night out. Lots of banging and bashing early on that would just be a hint of things to come. Kenny McNichol Jr. was out front along side Joe Trafford to start this one. McNichol was one of several drivers pulling double duty on this night as he raced the two 50 lap LOSC races as well as two 20 lap Super Stock features. He led lap one and was out to a nice lead early on. The battle was definitely building in his rear view mirror. Nick Troback got by Chris Howse to take over second through 3-4 on lap three. Troback then set his sights on the leader. McNichol continued to lead and hold off Troback but a caution on lap 14 out of four as Shawn Arnott, Chris Howse and Brandon McFerran became invovled in an incident. Lots of emotion and it spilled over to the pits afterwards where lots of words were exchanged. On the restart, Troback put his foot in it and was the new leader next time by the start finish line. As the checkers flew it was Troback picking up the win followed by McNichol and Carson Nagy.
The Mini Stocks were next with Kaitlyn Wallace and Mike Hooper sitting up front. Hooper led lap one. A freight train of six cars were on Hooper’s bumper. The next time by the leader was Rodney Rutherford as the cars went through one and two. Feature one winner and points leader Russ Aicken would start 12th in the pack but would be right on Rutherford’s bumper as he made his way past Hooper. Rutherford led a few laps but Aicken made his way past Rutherford down the back stretch on lap eight. Shawn Taylor had to hit the pits to change a flat tire and Jake Gilbert had no luck on this night. Some issues in the first race continued to this one and he limped to the pits. Gilbert has run very well and had problems on and off all season, lets hope he can regain that form that saw him battle up front and win several features so far in 2017. Aicken would continue his dominance on the night and would be the winner. Rutherford and Allie Ditner completed the top three.
The final race of the night was the second 50 lap feature for the Lucas Oil Sportsman series. Doug Cathcart and Alvin McNichol were pole and Alvin would lead lap one by mere inches. Several cautions slowed action early. The lead would swap hands several times early on but by lap 12 the leaders, Kenny McNichol and Chad McGlynn would encounter lapped traffic and you could see there would be a problem. The two lapped cars didn’t go low, the two leaders tried to split but without luck. McGlynn hit the wall hard and McNichol sustained some damage to the rear end. Both couldn’t continue. That gave the lead to Brandt Graham. Several more cautions slowed the pace a bit but Graham would continue to lead the race. Cathcart did his best to keep it close but the points leader Graham wouldn’t relinquish it and picked up the win. Doug Cathcart was second followed by Connor James. Graham would sweep the night and was the winner overall nightly champion.
That brought to a close a very exciting night of racing action. Please make plans to join us next Saturday, July 8th as the Grisdale Late Models make their return after three weeks away. They will be joined by the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks, the Pro Four Modifieds and Pure Stocks. Also in town is the Ontario Pro Challenge series. Pits open at 4pm, front grandstands at 5pm with racing at 630pm. Please check the website for all the details, stories, point standings and so much more, www.flamborospeedway.ca

Thanks to Derek Smith, http://www.racepulse.com/ for the photos!
LOSC Time Trials : #51 Kevin Gallant 16.485, #14 Brandt Graham 16.505, #18 Chad McGlynn 16.670, #48 Doug Cathcart 16.700, #61 Brent Wheller 16.718, #77 Alvin McNichol 16.763, #43 Bob Merrifield 16.823, #4 Connor James 16.945, #19 Kevin Trevellin 17.060, #63 Hudson Nagy 17.098, #8 Adam Martin 17.101, #17 Kenny McNichol 17.156, #88 Scott Laporte 17.364, #05 Brandon Huras 18.730
LOSC 50 Lap Feature #1 : #14 Brandt Graham, #18 Chad McGlynn, #51 Kevin Gallant, #77 Alvin McNichol, #48 Doug Cathcart, #43 Bob Merrifield, #4 Connor James, #05 Brandon Huras, #61 Brent Wheller (NF), #19 Kevin Trevellin (NF), #8 Adam Martin (NF), #88 Scott Laporte (NF), #63 Hudson Nagy (NF), #17 Kenny McNichol (NF), #9 Bob Schulthesis (NS)
LOSC 50 Lap Feature #2 : #14 Brandt Graham, #48 Doug Cathcart, #4 Connor James, #61 Brent Wheller, #43 Bob Merrifield, #88 Scott Laporte, #19 Kevin Trevellin, #05 Brandon Huras, #77 Alvin McNichol (NF), #18 Chad McGlynn (NF), #8 Adam Martin (NF), #51 Kevin Gallant (NF), #17 Kenny McNichol (NF), #63 Hudson Nagy (NF), #9 Bob Schulthesis (NS)
LOSC Overall Finish : #14 Brandt Graham, #48 Doug Cathcart, #4 Conner James, #43 Bob Merrifield, #18 Chad McGlynn, #61 Brent Wheller &  #77Alvin McNicol (TIE), #51 Kevin Gallant, #05 Brandon Huras, #19 Kevin Trevellin, #88 Scott Laporte, #88 Adam Martin, #17 Kenny McNicol, #63 Hudson Nagy, #9 Bob Schulthesis
Ontario Modifieds Heat #1 : #64 Chris Burrows, #68 Stu Robinson, #4 Connor James, #90 Rick Warnes, #90s Craig Stevenson, #62w Willow Barberstock, #99 Linc Brown (NS)
Ontario Modifeds Heat #2 : #52 Mark Gordon, #95 Rob Warnes, #41 Duane Cinnamon, #77 Brad Stevenson, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #63 John Baker Jr. (NS)
Ontario Modifieds Feature : #68 Stu Robinson, #77 Brad Stevenson, #90 Rick Warnes, #41 Duane Cinnamon, #52 Mark Gordon, #4 Connor James, #64 Chris Burrows, #62w Willow Barberstock, #90s Craig Stevenson, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #95 Rob Warnes, #99 Linc Brown (NS), #63 John Baker Jr. (NS)
Pure Stock Feature #1 : #23 Doug Moir, #83 Eric Crow, #90 Andy Wheller, #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #42 Leo Labarbera, #16 Mark Thorne, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #10 Courtney Scott, #66 Jeff Miller, #13 Matt Fraser, #18 Chris Pendelbury, #61 John Ditner, #32 Gillian Hils, #77 Kevin Jackman, #07 Thomas Wood, #3 Rob Shaw (NF), #24 Jeff Kennedy (NF)
Pure Stock Feature #2 : #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #32 Gillian Hils, #10 Courtney Scott, #13 Matt Fraser, #90 Andy Wheller, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #66 Jeff Miller, #83 Eric Crow, #42 Leo Labarbera, #16 Mark Thorne, #18 Chris Pendelbury, #61 John Ditner, #07 Thomas Wood, #24 Jeff Kennedy, #23 Doug Moir (NF), #77 Kevin Jackman (NF), #3 Rob Shaw (NS)
Mini Stock Feature #1 : #71 Russ Aicken, #76 Shawn Taylor, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #61 Allie Ditner, #7 Matt Young, #84 David Gallinger, #55 Darrin Thring, #07 Michael Kenny, #72 Rick Schwartzenberg, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #79 Kyle Istead, #77 Mike Hooper, #05 Jonathan Ayrton, #03 Jake Gilbert, #70 Blake Wadham (NF), #24 Blair Mayhew (NF)
Mini Stock Feature #2 : #71 Russ Aicken, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #61 Allie Ditner, #7 Matt Young, #72 Rick Schwartzenberg, #07 Michael Kenny, #84 David Gallinger, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #77 Mike Hooper, #79 Kyle Istead, #05 Jonathan Ayrton, #55 Taylor Thring, #76 Shawn Taylor, #03 Jake Gilbert (NF), #70 Blake Wadham (NS), #24 Blair Mayhew (NS)
Super Stock Feature #1 : #76 Shawn Arnott, #63 Carson Nagy, #31 Brandon McFerran, #73 Nick Troback, #55 Chris Howse, #17 Kenny McNichol Jr., #70 Joe Trafford, #38 Bobby Mercer, #97 Austin Penney, #44 Brian Pescetti

Super Stock Feature #2 : #73 Nick Troback, #17 Kenny McNichol Jr., #63 Carson Nagy, #70 Joe Trafford, #38 Bobby Mercer, #55 Chris Howse, #31 Brandon McFerran, #44 Brian Pescetti, #76 Shawn Arnott, #97 Austin Penney (NF)


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