Press Release

Overheating Issues Derail Robbie Sikes’ Night at Sunset Speedway

With overheating issues plaguing the team, Saturday night at Sunset Speedway did not go as Robbie Sikes hoped.

He started off the night by posting a seventh-place finish in the first heat, followed by a ninth in the second qualifier.

Unfortunately, it became clear during both 10-lap affairs that there was an overheating issue. While the team tried to diagnose it prior to the feature, they were unable to make the necessary repairs and did not partake in the 30-lap event.

Sikes and company will re-group this coming week, intending to fix the problem in hopes of putting together a solid run on Saturday, June 10 at Sunset Speedway. In the meanwhile, the team thanks all of the fans that came out during fan appreciation festivities, said hi, and got an autograph. The support is much appreciated.

The Hillbilly Deluxe Racing team is proud to be supported by Lloyds Haulage, Duivenvoorden Haulage, Nitro Industrial, Polished Automotive, ORV Auto, Southview Too, Kings Marine, Bromley Automotive, Jaded Motorsports, Ernie’s Performance, Walt Fab, and Serem Renovations this season.

Be sure to keep tabs on Sikes all season long by liking the Hillbilly Deluxe Racing facebook page at, following him on twitter at, and following him on Instagram at

Press Release by: Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing –

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