Eric Yorke Makes It 2 in a Row at Sunset Speedway

Photo Courtesy of Eric Uprichard and Sunset Speedway

After picking up the feature victory in the Spring Velocity, Eric Yorke drove through the field and made a last lap pass to score his second straight win on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Last year’s division champion Nic Montanari won the first heat ahead of Eric Yorke and Charlie Smith.

2015 Champion Doug Butler won the second heat ahead of Daniel Montanari and Melissa Bullen.

‘Lightning McQueen’ Mike Robinson Jr. won the third heat ahead of Josh Bullen and Joe Dunlop.

2012 Champion Eric Yorke won the fourth heat ahead of Samantha Shaw and Smith.

Rookie Daniel Montanari won the fifth heat ahead of Butler and Brandon Crumbie.

Robinson Jr. made it a daily double in the sixth heat ahead of Johnny Paradzinski and Dave Crumbie.

Off the drop of the green flag for the 25-lap feature, pole sitter Johnny Paradzinski pulled out to the early advantage ahead of Doug Wilman and the rest of the field. Wilman was able to remain a solid runner-up for the first two laps, before Josh Bullen got alongside for the spot.

The pair remained side-by-side till the caution flew on Lap 4 for Cameron McGlashan spinning off turn two. With 22 laps to go, Paradzinski led Bullen, Wilman, Dave Crumbie, Dunlop, Woyslaw, Nic Montanari, Kyle Fetterly, Chandler Bos, Shaw, Daniel Montanari, Smith, Robinson Jr. and Yorke.

The first attempt at a restart saw a second caution with Melissa Bullen spinning around in turn one.

The second attempt went cleanly with Paradzinski continuing to lead, as the battle heated up for second between Wilman and Dunlop as both cleared Bullen. Dunlop got the spot ahead of Wilman, with Nic Montanari sneaking through for fourth before the caution waved again on Lap 6 for Bos spinning Brandon Crumbie in turn three.

With 20 laps remaining, Paradzinski led Dunlop, Wilman, Nic Montanari, Josh Bullen, Woyslaw, Dave Crumbie, Smith, Fetterly, Yorke, Shaw, Daniel Montanari, Robinson Jr., and Rainey.

The restart brought chaos as Paradzinski once again got the jump on the field to keep the lead ahead of Dunlop, but Wilman didn’t get up to speed quickly. As a result, he quickly dropped back through the field, with cars going left and right, sometimes seeing three and four-wide racing throughout.

It didn’t pay off in the back half of the field as on Lap 7, contact between Lisa DeLeeuw and Dylan Holmes resulted in both drivers going around in turn two. With 19 laps to go, Paradzinski led ahead of Dunlop, Nic Montanari, Smith, Woyslaw, Yorke, Daniel Montanari, Rainey, Josh Bullen, Dave Crumbie, Robinson Jr., Shaw, Bob Phinnemore, Fetterly, Sequin and Wendy Adams.

The restart would go smoothly at the front, with Paradzinski once again escaping away ahead of Dunlop. Dunlop would fall back a couple spots, though, as both Nic Montanari and Smith were able to get by before the caution flew once again on Lap 9. In the back half of the field, contact happened resulting in Melissa Bullen and Holmes going around, and Bos sustaining heavy front end damage.

With a slew of cautions, officials decided to go single-file restarts from here on out. So with 17 laps to go, Paradzinski led Montanari, Smith, Dunlop, Yorke, Woyslaw, Rainey, Daniel Montanari, Dave Crumbie, Shaw and Josh Bullen.

The restart would go cleanly, with battles throughout the field. Smith was able to work his way by Montanari, followed by passing Paradzinski as he split the gap between Paradzinski and the lap car of Amanda Shave to take the lead on Lap 15. Behind them, it was Yorke and Nic Montanari running side-by-side for third ahead of Daniel Montanari, Dunlop and Robinson Jr. Yorke was able to clear Montanari for third, followed by passing Paradzinski on Lap 17 to move into the runner-up spot behind Smith.

The focus then became the battle for third between Paradzinski and Nic Montanari. The pair would make contact in turn three, with Montanari tapping the back of Paradzinski. Paradzinski then drove Montanari down towards the inside wall down the frontstretch, followed by into the grass a little entering turn one.

Nic Montanari was still able to clear Paradzinski, with Smith and Daniel Montanari also making their way by. Nic Montanari then slowed going into turn three, eventually stopping on the exit of turn four with a flat tire for the caution at Lap 19. With seven laps to go, Smith led Yorke, Paradzinski, Daniel Montanari, Robinson Jr., Dunlop, Dave Crumbie, Woyslaw, Shaw, Josh Bullen and McGlashan.

The focus on the restart was the battle for the lead between the top-two, with Eric Yorke making the move on the last lap to snag the top spot, and score the victory.

Charlie Smith finished second, followed by Daniel Montanari, Charlie Smith, Johnny Paradzinski, Joe Dunlop, Dave Crumbie, Stefan Woyslaw, Samantha Shaw, and Cameron McGlashan.

Josh Bullen finished 11th, followed by Bob Phinnemore, Nic Montanari, Randi Sequin, Brandon Crumbie, Eric Rainey, Lisa DeLeeuw, Doug Wilman, Terry Woodley and Dylan Holmes.

Peter Wakeling was 21st, followed by Wendy Adams, Chandler Bos, Melissa Bullen and Doug Butler.


Special thanks to Kyle Sedan for notes throughout the night, and petalpower51 for filming the entire feature. 


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