Flamboro Speedway

Eight Different Feature Winners As OSCAAR Makes First Flamboro Appearance Of 2017

By Randy Spencer (Flamboro Speedway PR) – After a cloudy start to the day, the sunshine finally returned to Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway as racing got underway. The OSCAAR series were in town with the Super Late Models and Modifieds set to make their first appearance of 2017. The inaugural race for the new Hot Rod series was postponed as the series is having some growing pains getting off the ground. One car was out for a few laps, cool to see the old style bodies from cars that were common in these parts in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

Pure Stocks were up first Gillian Hils and Doug Moir on the pole. Hils looked strong and although Moir didn’t let Hils get to far out of his sights, Hils led flag to flag to pick up the first feature win of the night.

The Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks were next up and Kaitlyn Wallace and Bobby Tolton were up front. Wallace led lap one but by lap two Shawn Taylor was out front. Fuel pressure and pump issues have made his season get off to a start that has been frustrating. Runs ok in the shop but once it hits the track, problems start to rise. Hope they get that fixed, such a nice young man. A caution on lap seven as the 13 of Bobby Tolton had his night come to an abrupt end as he tagged the wall in turn three, bringing out the caution. On the restart, seemed the problems plaguing the Taylor team returned and he started to fall back. Jake Gilbert who has had engine failures the last two times out was the new leader and led to the checkers picking up the win.

The OSCAAR Modifieds were next for two ten lap heat races. Seventeen cars were signed in but the 66 car blew up in hot laps so there would be two eight car heats. Chris Milwain and A.J. Emms were on the pole and Emms led early. The two broke away from the rest of the pack and Milwain was the new leader by lap three. The Spyderman John Harper slowed with some issues on lap seven as did the 14 of Emms who was subsequently disqualified by race officials at the conclusion of the race. The start of the second heat saw the red flag come out as the last two cars were involved at the start finish line blocking the track. Wasn’t serious but it did end the night for the 22 of rookie Marshal Schrenk. Another first time the 34 of Ryan Kenney got loose out of four and got sideways and the 22 had no where to go and was into the side of the 34. On the restart, pole sitter Luke Gignac led flag to flag and had a ten car advantage over the 2 of Matt Barton as picking up the win. Barton and the Iron Man Gary Elliott battled bumper to bumper throughout.

The Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks were up and nice to see three more cars join the ranks tonight. Brad Collison was on the pole along side Chris Howse. Heading down the back stretch on lap one the two came together and both were around. Hard to see what happened, there were different versions but Collson was quick to exit his car and voice his displeasure with the 55 car. Howse was able to continue but Collison’s night was done. Kevin Gallant was back behind the wheel of the 31 with some big shoes to fill as Brandon McFerran raced the first few nights for the boss man. Gallant and Nick Troback were one two and put some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack. Troback tried as hard as he could to get by several times unsuccessfully. A caution on lap 13 as the 74 of Andrew Robertson was around in 1-2. On the restart, Gallant and Troback battled side by side for several laps. Troback managed to take the lead for a bt but Gallant would regain the upper hand. Shawn Arnott was pressuring Troback and got by to take second. As the checkers flew it was Gallant followed by Arnott and Troback with Howse and Carson Nagy completing the top five.

The OSCAAR Super Late Models were next for there 25 lap heat race. Just nine cars signed in with two Pro Late Models, Chad Corcoran and Keith Temple among them. Veterans John Cadman and Glenn Watson were on the pole and Watson led early. A caution on lap five as the 52 of Gary Passer was around down the front stretch. Watson would continue to dominate even as the 03 of Shane Maginnis was doing all he could to take the lead. As the checkers flew it was Watson picking up the win followed closely by Maginnis and Cadman.

The OSCAAR Modifieds were up for round two of their heats. John Harper and Gary Elliott were on the pole. They battled each other throughout and as the checkers flew it was Harper edging out Elliott with Luke Gignac third. The fourth heat saw David Balych and Cory Horner out front. An early caution but that didn’t slow down A.J. Emms as he came across first followed by Aaron McLean and Matt Barton.

After a brief intermission, the Pure Stocks were up for their second twenty lap feature event. The 78 car of Clinton Kerkhof jumped the original green and was docked two spots. Matt Fraser had a strong start and led the first nine laps. Kerkhof would move to first down the back stretch. A caution on lap eighteen as debris on the front stretch brought out the yellow. Kerkhof was shown to the pits and was dq’d for not having a one way radio. On the restart it was a green, white, checkers as the 31k of Brandon McFerran was the leader and came across the line first. He did the Polish victory lap once again. Love to see that!

Mini Stocks hit the track for round two of their features. Mike Hooper and Blair Mayhew led the field of fifteen cars to green. Shawn Taylor led early but developed problems again and the 88 of Jake Watson took the heading through three and four early on. Some exciting three wide action early on added to the action. The 24 of Mayhew has some re-occuring problems that plagued him earlier this season and took the car to the infield. Michael Kenny also parked his car in the middle soon after. As the race continued Watson built a healthy lead. Russ Aicken did his best to keep it close but this was Watson’s race all the way. Congratulations to Jake and the Watson race team on their first feature win in five years of competition. Nice to see Jake in victory lane. He got his start here at Flamboro and left for a few seasons at Sunset but is now back and nice to see him get the first feature win here. Congratulations to the Watsons and Spira Racing!!

The OSCAAR Modifieds ran their feature next and there was a false start due to the 47 losing power and holding up the field. Gary Elliott received a right front tire and quickly made his way to the pits and returned to keep his streak in tact. Chris Milwain led lap one. Milwain and A.J. Emms battled early and the two broke away from the pack and built up a full straight lead. As the crossed the line it was Milwain followed by Emms, John Harper, Cory Horner and Luke Gignac.

The Super Stocks were up for their second feature. Steve Ecker and Coltin Everingham were on the pole and Ecker led lap one. Carson Nagy kept it close but Ecker continued to lead. Nagy and Nick Troback were battling hard and the veterans Troback and Shawn Arnott used the bump and run getting by Nagy late. At the finish it was Ecker leading flag to flag followed by Troback, Arnott, Nagy and Chris Howse.

The final race of the night was the OSCAAR Super Late Model feature. Gary Passer and Charlie Gallant were pole sitters for this one. A caution early and a complete restart and Gallant led lap one. Shane Maginnis was on Gallant’s bumper and made a great move to get by through 3 and 4 and took the lead on lap 9. Maginnis continued to lead and at the finish it was Maginnis followed by Gallant and Passer.

That brought to a close a great night of racing. Glad the rain held off this week. Please make plans to join us next Saturday June 3rd as the Grisdale Pro Late Models return and are joined by the Klotz Auto Repair and Engine Machine Shop Mini Stocks, the Ray’s Auto Centre & Towing Super Stocks, the Pure Stocks, the Pro Four Modifieds and an appearance from the Highwaymen Car Club. The Late Models and Pro Fours will run their rained out second features from last week first off then we will run the week’s regular show. In two weeks the APC Late Model series makes their first appearance for the Meineke 100. Check the website for all the details, http://www.flamborospeedway.ca/

Thanks to Ashley McCubbin of OSCAAR and http://www.shorttrackmusings.com/ for the great photos.


Pure Stock Feature #1 : #32 Gillian Hils, #23 Doug Moir, #26 Wayde Thorne, #16 Mark Thorne, #31k Brandon McFerran (DQ), #83 Eric Crow, #90 Andy Wheller, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #78 Clinton Kerkhof, #10 Courtney Scott, #81 Nick Sault, #26eh Ashton Reekie, #31 Keara Gallant, #13 Matt Fraser, #61 Paul Ditner, #20 Peter Inglis, #86 Zach Buchwald, #24 Jeff Kennedy (NF), #48 Jesse Wamboldt (NS)

Pure Stock Feature #2 : #31k Brandon McFerran (DQ), #90 Andy Wheller, #23 Doug Moir, #50 Ross Winters Jr., #16 Mark Thorne, #32 Gillian Hils, #10 Courtney Scott, #26eh Ashton Reekie, #81 Nick Sault, #61 Paul Ditner, #13 Matt Fraser, #86 Zach Buchwald, #20 Peter Inglis, #24 Jeff Kennedy, #26 Wayde Thorne (NF), #83 Eric Crow (NF), #78 Clinton Kerkhof (DQ), #31 Keara Gallant (NS), #48 Jesse Wamboldt (NS)

Mini Stock Feature #1 : #03 Jake Gilbert, #71 Russ Aicken, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #61 Allie Ditner, #84 David Gallinger, #79 Kyle Istead, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #72 Rich Schwartzenberg, #76 Shawn Taylor, #24 Blair Mayhew, #77 Mike Hooper, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #70 Blake Wadham (NF), #88 Jake Gilbert, #07 Michael Kenny (NF), #13 Bobby Tolton (NF), #7 Matt Young (DQ), #55 Taylor Thring (NS)

Mini Stock Feature #2 : #88 Jake Watson, #71 Russ Aicken, #03 Jake Gilbert, #61 Allie Ditner, #38 Rodney Rutherford, #84 David Gallinger, #72 Rich Schwartzeberg. #76 Shawn Taylor, #7 Matt Young, #45 Kaitlyn Wallace, #77 Mike Hooper, #79 Kyle Istead, #70 Blake Wadham, #5 Jonathan Ayrton, #07 Michael Kenny (NF), #24 Blair Mayhew (NF), #13 Bobby Tolton (NS), #55 Taylor Thring (NS)

Super Stock Feature #1 : #31 Kevin Gallant, #6=76 Shawn Arnott, #73 Nick Troback, #55 Chris Howse, #63 Carson Nagy, #48 Coltin Everingham, #03 Steve Ecker, #74 Brandon Robertson, #38 Bobby Mercer, #8 R.J. Croteau, #92 A.J. Miller (NF), #13 Brad Collison (NF)

Super Stock Feature #2 : #03 Steve Ecker, #73 Nick Troback, #76 Shawn Arnott, #63 Carson Nagy, #55 Chris Howse, #31 Kevin Gallant, #74 Brandon Robertson, #48 Coltin Everingham, #38 Bobby Mercer, #92 A.J. Miller, #8 R.J. Croteau (NS), #13 Brad Collison (NS)

OSCAAR Modified Heat #1 : #21 Chris Milwain, #79 John Harper, #51 Dale Reinhart, #12 David Balych, #3 Tim Tolton, #79h Cory Horner, #11 Dave Hodgkinson (NF), #14 A.J. Emms (DQ)

OSCAAR Modified Heat #2 : #99 Luke Gignac, #2 Matt Barton, #36 Gary Elliott, #47 Aaron McLean, #69 Wally Wilson, #22 Marshal Schrenk (NF), #34 Ryan Kenney (NF), #56 Jase Cornell (NS)

OSCAAR Modified Heat #3 : #79 John Harper, #36 Gary Elliott, #99 Luke Gignac, #21 Chris Milwain, #51 DaleReinhart, #3 Tim Tolton (NF), #56 Jase Cornell (NF)

OSCAAR Modified Heat #4 : #14 A.J. Emms, #47 Aaron McLean, #2 Matt Barton, #79h Cory Horner, #12 David Balych, #34 Ryan Kenney, #69 Wally Wilson, #11 Dave Hodgkinson (NS)

OSCAAR Modified Feature : #21 Chris Milwain, #14 A.J. Emms, #79 John Harper, #79h Cory Horner, #99 Luke Gignac, #36 Gary Elliott, #51 Dale Reinhart, #2 Matt Barton, #3 Tim Tolton, #12 David Balych, #34 Ryan Kenney, #69 Wally Wilson, #47 Aaron McLean, #11 Dave Hodgkinson. #22 Marshal Schrenk (NS), #56 Jase Cornell (NS)

OSCAAR Super Late Model Heat : #71 John Cadman, #22 Glenn Watson, #40p Charlie Gallant, #2h Tyler Hawn, #03 Shane Maginnis, #52 Gary Passer, #7 Derrick Tiemersma, #50 Chad Corcoran, #14 Keith Temple

OSCAAR Super Late Model Feature : #03 Shane Maginnis, #40p Charlie Gallant, #52 Gary Passer, #22 Glenn Watson, #2h Tyler Hawn, #7 Derrick Tiemersma, #71 John Cadman, #50 Chad Corcoran, #14 Keith Temple

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