Lucas Oil T.Q. Can-Am Midgets

Adam Racine Edges DeMan for T.Q. Midget Victory at Sunset Speedway

Mack DeMan closed the gap in the final laps, but it wasn’t enough as Adam Racine just beat him to score his second straight Lucas Oil T.Q. Can-Am Midget feature victory at Sunset Speedway.

Racine started the night off in victory lane, winning the first heat ahead of Steve Murdoch, Ryan Fraser, Darren Dryden, Jeff Blackburn, Cory Whittam and Lucas Munsie.

Mack DeMan won the second heat ahead of Darren McLennan, Adrian Stahle, Barry Dunn, Todd Cresswell, Dominique Smith, and Glen Fenwick.

Come feature time, Jeff Blackburn started pole ahead of Darren McLennan, Steve Murdoch, Barry Dunn, Adrian Stahle, Ryan Fraser, Mack DeMan, Adam Racine, Todd Cresswell, Darren Dryden, Cory Whittam, Dominique Smith, Lucas Munsie and Glen Fenwick.

The first lap produced a caution with Murdoch spinning in turn two, followed by the left wheels lifting off the ground and the car lying over. Murdoch was okay, with track crews flipping him back over and able to continue, minus his wing.

The second attempt to start the race didn’t go any better, with Cresswell spinning in turns one and two.

Series officials made the decision to go single-file for the third attempt, which went smoothly with Blackburn leading McLennan, Fraser and Dunn as DeMan got alongside Stahle for fifth. Stahle held him off, getting alongside Dunn for fourth at Lap 3. Stahle completed the pass a lap later with DeMan and Racine following him through. Racine then got alongside DeMan for fifth, completing the pass at Lap 5.

Racine’s climb to the front continued as he’d get alongside Stahle for fourth at Lap 6, passing both him and Fraser in the next lap to move into third. He then passed McLennan to move into second on Lap 9, bringing DeMan, Fraser and Stahle through with him.

Adam Racine’s climb to the top was complete on Lap 12 as he’d pass Blackburn to take over the top spot. DeMan was able to follow him through, moving into third. Blackburn now ran third ahead of Fraser, Stahle and Dryden, with McLennan and Dunn side-by-side for seventh. McLennan got the spot on Lap 15 ahead of Dunn, Murdoch, Whittam, Smith, Cresswell and Munsie.

Fraser made his move for a podium finish, getting alongside Blackburn for third at Lap 19. He’d complete the pass a lap later, bringing Stahle and Dryden through with him. Blackburn now ran sixth ahead of Dunn, McLennan, Murdoch and Whittam.

As the laps closed down, Mack DeMan began to close the gap between him and Adam Racine. However, he’d just run out of time, as Racine would edge him at the line for the win. Ryan Fraser finished third, followed by Adrian Stahle, Darren Dryden, Jeff Blackburn, Barry Dunn, Darren McLennan, Steve Murdoch, Cory Whittam, Dominique Smith, Todd Cresswell, Lucas Munsie and Glen Fenwick.


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