Flamboro Speedway

Justin Collison Ready to Roll Out New Car at Flamboro

By: Ashley McCubbin

After taking the time to put together a brand new car, Justin Collison is looking to put his own unique mark on Flamboro Speedway this season.

“Going into this season I look forward to seeing what the new car can do,” he told Short Track Musings. “Right now I’m looking to do 12-14 races, maybe more if the budget allows it. It’s going to be tough sluggin’ against this year’s competitors, especially my dad’s new piece – it’s a flawless piece.”

Collison is no rookie, having raced previously with some  heat wins under his belt. Though now unloading a new piece underneath him, the third generation racer is keeping his goals in check, looking to score some top-fives to kick off 2017.

“This season will all be trial and error as my car is a new piece and I gotta see what works and what doesn’t work,” he said. “If I can finish off the year with a feature win or more,  I’ll be satisfied. Besides, I gotta help London Recreational surpass our feature win record for the whole season. I’m definitely expecting the new car to be faster out of the back then the old Chevelle.”

Even with new car concerns, it wouldn’t surprise if he gets the car set-up quickly with having his father, Brad Collison, to lean on. Brad knows his way around Flamboro, winning multiple features and finishing runner-up in points to Shawn Arnott last season.

“Having my dad to lean on for advice is huge when I get a bright idea to try something, mainly cause he has tried everything and knows what worked and didn’t,” he said. “But it’s not only my dad that I can lean on for advice. I have many experienced car builders and drivers around me to bounce ideas off of. Giving his success already at Flamboro, I have some big shoes to grow into, to be able to have the same success.”

For Collison, racing was in his genes from the moment he was born, as his grandfather raced before his father and uncle, which was then passed down to him and his cousin Ciarra.

“Its a family sport and I don’t think there is another sport my family would even have a interest in pursuing,” he said.

Looking back on his career to date, he notes the most memorable moment thus far was “leading 19 out of 20 laps in the feature and finishing third” to beat his father. Hopefully, this season brings more moments of the same – just perhaps two positions better.


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