Press Release

“The Cowboy” Roy Passer Entering 2017 on a Racing “High”

From Cabral Racing Promotions

After completing one of his best career seasons behind the wheel of a Super Late Model, the “Cowboy” can’t wait to strap back into the driver’s seat and continue on his impressive run.

The Innisfil, Ontario Native finished second overall in the OSCAAR Super Late Model Series, a top 10 finish in the Sunset Speedway Super Late Model Series against the who’s,who in the Division and a top 10 placing in the Gold Rush Invitational at Flamboro Speedway.

“My plan for 2017 is to run the Fast Eddies Sunset Speedway Series,” he said. “Also making the trip to The Outlaw Super Late Model Invitational at Jukasa Speedway and Gold Rush back at Flamboro Speedway, which will keep me and the crew very active throughout the season”

The 1st time you can catch the Jenco Equipment, J.R. Fitzpatrick Motorsports, Cabral Racing Promotions entry will be at Sunset Speedway’s Spring Velocity Sunday May 21st, for Round #1 of the Fast Eddies Sunset Speedway Super Series. The 75-Lapper will headline Day #2 of the event, with the green flag flying at 2pm.

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