David Balych Set for Full OSCAAR Modified Schedule


After missing some races last year, David Balych is ready to get back behind the wheel this year and run the full OSCAAR Modified schedule.

“Looking forward to competing the full schedule in 2017. Missed a handful of races last year with some health issues,” Balych told Short Track Musings. “Liking the smaller amount of races, should help the weekly car count.”

As he has in past years, Balych is entering the season with the goal of having fun, while trying “to be competitive as possible” as he knows the car has potential, it’s just about harnessing it. He showed the potential last year in the partial schedule he ran, posting four top-10 finishes, including a third place finish in the season-opener at Flamboro Speedway in May.

“Last year started out well but I kept shooting myself in the foot with dumb mistakes on the preparation side,” he said. “Cooling fans turning in the wrong direction etc. With a season under our belt with the new car and a few tweaks that may help, I’m hoping to be closer to the front more often.”

davidbalychLooking ahead this year, Balych admits he’s most excited about the pair of dates at Kawartha Speedway.

“I haven’t run there in some time – last time in a TQ Midget,” he said. “Think it’ll be a good venue for the Mod and the SLM class.”

A bunch of other drivers have shared the similar thought as it’ll mark the first time OSCAAR has ran there in a couple years. It’s just one of the things which stand out this season for drivers and fans alike, with the spread-out schedule and some new drivers coming into the frame.

“Really, I think this is a year to regroup,” Balych said. “With the OMRS going more towards an IMCA style mod and OSCAAR keeping with the Touring type mod, it might be beneficial to both groups to differentiate themselves. It might help car counts on both sides having a clear segregation of rules as opposed to being too similar.

“Again with the shorter schedule and more weekends off, I think we could see a very healthy car count each night. Many struggle to run back to back or back to back to back weekends, especially if things go sideways. Sometimes less is more!”

With everything set in place, expectations are for Balych to have success as he comes up on his 38th year involved in racing. While there’s been a lot of things learned through the years, he says one of the biggest things is how much priorities have changed.

“It used to be about winning as much as possible,” he said. “These days, having a good time and bringing the car and myself home in one piece is top priority. Used to be just about driving but again, I get as much enjoyment out of working on the car and trying to seek out those extra tenths than the glory time on the track. Really at the end of the day, we’re in the entertainment business. If we don’t put on a good show, then we won’t be racing anywhere.”

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