Lisa DeLeeuw Set to Tackle Mini Stock Division with New Car


Coming off the best season of her career thus far, Lisa DeLeeuw is set to enter the Mini Stock division at Sunset Speedway – with a new challenge, as she’ll have a new ride for the upcoming year. DeLeeuw and her DY Racing team have been hard at work in getting ready the Nissan 240SX that teammate Eric Yorke drove to the 2012 series championship ready for the season.

“I’m a little nervous to learn a whole new car,” she told Short Track Musings. “Retiring the mustang for 2017 and jumping in Eric’s 2012 championship car, which means learning a whole new car and hoping to continue the successful season I had last year.”

Being able to work closely with Yorke on this project is nothing new as the pair have worked together the past couple of season, each experiencing success.

“Having Eric as a teammate is great,” she said. “He helps me by building my confidence as well as with any problems we are having with the car. You can explain something to him and he will figure out what’s going on without even taking the car out. Eric supports me and that’s the best thing a teammate could ask for.”

Last year, DeLeeuw put together an incredible run which included 12 top-10 finishes en route to finishing fifth in the series standings.

“My 2016 season was the best seasons I’ve had so far,” she said. “It was a lot of work to accomplish the season we had and I couldn’t of done it without the support of friends, family and crew.”

Through the second half of the year, she also managed to turn a lot of heads with a best career third place finish to start off July, followed by a fifth place finish to finish off August. She notes the biggest difference between the first half of the season and the second half was they were able to get the car where she wanted it.

“Also, my confidence level was getting higher and having a lot more fun and being comfortable with the car,” she added.

Now moving forward to 2017, the goals are simple for the driver of the No. 84 Partimer Sign, Gelderman Landscape Services, Skytech Rentals, Solex Steel, Safeway Towing, BDS Enterprises, Can-Alignment, Auto Clinic, Scentsy Independent Consultant, Real Burger Company, Cabral Racing Promotions and Country Girl Design Nissan 240SX – win a race this season.

“I don’t care if it’s a heat, consi or feature – I just want one,” she said. “My expectations are very high for this season as I’ll be learning a whole new car. Just have to keep my confidence up and try my best and have fun.”

Being able to accomplish the feat won’t be easy as this year marks a key transitional year for Sunset Speedway in combining both Mini Stock divisions back together.

“I was most likely moving up anyway as I finished 5th in points last year so I would of been moving to the ministocks anyway,” she said. “But I think it’s best for the division so that way we are back to a full field of car. To where you have to work to actually make the feature.”

Keep up with Lisa DeLeeuw and DY Racing all year long by visiting their website at 


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