Ryan Anderson Scores Racing Victory on Saturday


Coming into the weekend and knowing he needed to make up ground in the Stadium 3 standings, Ryan Anderson promised he was going to deliver a top-shelf performance. He was able to do that on Saturday night behind the wheel of Son-uva Digger at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, scoring the racing victory.

Anderson showed his speed in qualifying, posting a time of 19.689 seconds for the quickest time over Coty Saucier’s (Monster Energy) 19.855. They, along with Becky McDonough (El Toro Loco – 19.888) would be the only drivers to crack the 19-second bracket, with a total of six drivers under 21 seconds. The rest of the times are posted below.

  • Cory Rummel in Rage – 20.361
  • Matt Pagliarulo in Jester – 20.562
  • Mike Vaters II in Overkill Evolution – 20.567
  • Carl Van Horn in Grave Digger – 20.610
  • Todd Morey in Bounty Hunter – 21.210
  • Devin Jones in Barbarian – 21.323
  • Jamey Garner in Over Bored – 22.544
  • JR McNeal in Xtermigator – 22.559
  • Mike Vaters in Black Stallion – 23.695
  • Mike Thompson in Wrecking Crew – 24.880

With the qualifying times set, the top-eight drivers moved on to the racing brackets, while the bottom eight got to take part in the freestyle competition. In the first bracket of the quarter finals, it’d be Anderson beating Iron Outlaw with a time of 19.898 seconds.

The second bracket was supposed to be feature Vaters II against Rummel, but Vaters II was unable to run as a result of rear-end issues. As a result, Rummel got paired against Morey. It didn’t change anything, as Rummel moved forward with the victory after a time of 20.283 seconds.

The third bracket saw Pagiarulo beat McDonough with a time of 20.905 seconds after McDonough missed the final ramp. The fourth, and last bracket, saw Saucier beat Van Horn with a time of 20.458 seconds.

The semi-finals kicked off with Anderson beating Rummel with a time of 19.543 seconds, while Saucier beat Pagiarulo with a time of 20.060 seconds.

The 19 second runs continued for Anderson as he ran 19.217 seconds in the finals to take the win over Saucier (20.392).

“I love you Coty, but tonight I beat you,” Anderson said. “I came here to win in racing, but even bigger, I came here to win freestyle. I am going to drive this truck into the ground tonight.”

For Anderson, it marks his fifth event victory in Toronto, following a racing victory in the Saturday 2014 show, and three freestyle wins. Additionally, it also marks his second win of the season after winning racing in Tampa to start off the Stadium 3 Tour.

See Photos of the Racing Competition by clicking here.


There are still tickets available for the Sunday show at the Rogers Centre this weekend. Ticket prices start at $15, with Pit Party Passes are available for purchase for $10. Tickets and Pit Passes are available at the Rogers Centre Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, online at www.ticketmaster.ca, and at (855) 985-5000

The Pit Party will be held from 10:30am to 12:30pm on Sunday, January 29. The pre-show pit party gives fans the chance to see the massive Monster Jam trucks up close, meet drivers, take pictures and get autographs. To access the Pit Party, event ticket and Pit Party Pass must be presented upon entry.


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