Ontario Legend Series

The Trailers Plus Legends Series & Ontario Legends Series Schedules Released


On the heels of a successful season of racing, both Legends schedules for racing in Ontario were released by series officials.

Working together, the pair of divisions have put together an action-packed season for drivers that want to either focus on one, the other, or do a combination of both. The Trailers Plus Legends Series will cover the eastern part of Ontario, while the Ontario Legends Series will cover the western part of Ontario.

The schedule mic-micks what the series has ran in the past, except with the west expanding their schedule this year to include an inaugural trip to Delaware Speedway, Sauble Speedway and Full Throttle Motor Speedway.

The full combined schedule can be viewed below.

May 20 Peterborough (east points)
May 21 sunset (east points)

June 3 Peterborough (east points)
June 17 Grand bend (west points)
June 24 Peterborough (east points)

July 1 Delaware (west points)
Just 8 Peterborough (east points)
July 15 Peterborough (east points)
July 15 Sauble (west points)
July 22 Sunset (east points)
July 29 Peterborough (east points)

Aug 5 Sunset (east points)
Aug 6 Full Throttle (west points)
Aug 11 Delaware (west points)
Aug 19 Sunset (east points)
Aug 26 Peterborough (east points)
Aug 26 Sauble (west points)

Sept 3 Full Throttle (west points)
Sept 9 Grand bend (east points)
Sept 16 TBA (east points)
Sept 23 Sunset (east points)

Oct 7,8,9 Peterborough ACC (east)

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