Peterborough Speedway

Willie Reyns Surprises with Autumn Colours Classic 116 Pro Late Model Victory


Willie Reyns has continued to get better behind the wheel of a Pro Late Model, and everything came together at the Autumn Colours Classic as he won the 116 lap Pro Late Model feature.

Mat Box won the first heat ahead of Jamie Cox, Shaun McWhirter, Kent Nuhn, Billy Schwartzenburg, Chad Corcoran, Corey Jones, Bruce Wheller and Shawn Chenoweth.

Dwayne Baker won the second heat ahead of Ryan Kimball, Andy Kamrath, Willie Reyns, Andrew Gresel, Brandon Watson, Dan McHattie and Nick Goetz.

Billy Schwartzenburg won the third heat ahead of Cox, Nuhn, Box, Corcoran, McWhirter, Jones, Wheller and Chenoweth.

The fourth heat saw a quick caution due to McHattiie spinning Watson on Lap 2. Andrew Gresel picked up the win ahead of Kamrath, Reyns, Kimball, Watson, McHattie, Baker and Goetz.

Off the drop of the green flag for the feature, Shawn Chenoweth pulled out to the early lead ahead of Billy Schwartzenburg, Jamie Cox, Ryan Kimball and Mat Box. Chad Corcoran suffered a black flag on Lap 5 for mechanical, while the first caution flew a lap later for a spin in turn two.

Chenoweth got a good restart to keep the No. 89c London Recreational, Bennett GM, Ideal Brake Parts, Wilson Ponds, Castrol, Transaxle, Team Vincent Motorsports, Hitman Hotrods, Finishline Concrete Therapy, MRE Late Model out front ahead of Cox, Box and Willie Reyns as Kimball ran side-by-side with Schwartzenburg for fifth. Kimball took the spot on Lap 9 ahead of Schwartzenburg with Gresel moving into seventh.

Behind them, Kent Nuhn and Dan McHattie ran side-by-side for eighth, with McHattie getting the spot on Lap 11 ahead of Nuhn, Dwayne Baker, Andy Kamrath, Nick Goetz, Corey Jones, Corcoran, Shaun McWhirter and Bruce Wheller. Reyns then got alongside Box for third at Lap 15, completing the pass two laps later and bringing Kimball through with him. Box now ran fifth ahead of Schwartzenburg, Gresel, McHattie, Baker, Watson, Kamrath, Goetz and Jones.

The field mostly strung out single file in the early stages, except for McWhirter and Nuhn being side-by-side for 14th. The second caution then flew at Lap 21 as a result of Kamrath spinning Watson off of turn two. Under caution, Wheller, Nuhn, Corcoran and Baker headed down pit road.

Chenoweth got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Cox, Reyns, Box and Kimball. Schwartzenburg continued to run sixth ahead of Gresel, McHattie, Goetz, Watson, McWhirter, Kamrath, Corcoran, Jones and Nuhn. Gresel then got alongside Schwartzenburg for sixth at Lap 27 as Corcoran spun deep in the field. Gresel completed the pass a lap later, bringing McHattie, Goetz, Watson, McWhirter and Kamrath through with him.

Further up towards the front, Reyns got alongside Cox for second at Lap 31, completing the pass a lap later. Box and Kimball were then able to slip by Cox, taking the third and fourth spots. Cox now ran fifth ahead of Gresel, McHattie, McWhirter, Watson and Goetz. McHattie then got alongside Gresel for sixth at Lap 35, completing the pass a lap later as Goetz moved into eighth ahead of Watson and McWhirter. Kamrath ran 11th ahead of Schwartzenburg, Baker, Jones, Nuhn, Wheller and Corcoran.

For the most part, the field was strung out single file but there were some battles as McHattie got by Cox to move into fifth on Lap 40, with Gresel getting alongside Cox for sixth. Behind them, Goetz ran eighth ahead of Watson and McWhirter. Gresel got the spot on Lap 42 as Goetz tagged Cox, with Watson tagging Goetz.

With 51 laps on the board out of 116, Chenoweth continued to lead ahead of Reyns, Box, McHattie and Kimball. Gresel ran sixth ahead of Cox, Watson, McWhirter and Goetz. Kamrath ran 11th followed by Baker, Schwartzenburg, Jones, Nuhn and Wheller. Kamrath then continued working his way back to the front, passing Goetz for 10th at Lap 54.

Meanwhile at the front of the field, Willie Reyns made his move as he passed Chenoweth to put the No. 87 Cobourg Development Services, Don Stacey Electric, Pursey’s Yacht Portage Late Model out front. McHattie moved into third ahead of Box and Kimball as Gresel ran sixth ahead of Cox, Watson, Kamrath, McWhirter, Goetz, Baker, Schwartzenburg, Jones, Nuhn and Wheller.

The third caution then flew at Lap 59 as a result of Schwartzenburg getting loose and spinning, collecting McHattie in the process. Under caution, Wheller pulled his car behind the wall, done for the event, as numerous drivers used this as an opportunity for adjustments on pit road.

The first attempt at a restart didn’t go cleanly as McWhirter and Watson both went around to produce the fourth caution.

The second attempt at a restart was clean with Reyns holding the lead as Box moved into second ahead of Chenoweth, with Kimball and Gresel rounding out the top-five. Kamrath ran sixth ahead of Corcoran, Goetz, Nuhn, and Watson. Watson then got alongside Nuhn for eighth at Lap 63, completing the pass a lap later. Nuhn now ran 10th ahead of Jones, Baker, Cox and Schwartzenburg. Gresel then got alongside Kimball for fourth at Lap 68, completing the pass a lap later and bringing Kamrath through with him.

Kimball now ran sixth ahead of Corcoran, Goetz, Watson, Nuhn, Jones and Baker. Corcoran then got by Kimball as well, passing him for sixth at Lap 72. Meanwhile, Baker continued to run 12th ahead of Cox and Schwartzenburg. Jones then got alongside Nuhn for 10th at Lap 81, completing the pass a lap later and bringing Cox through with him. Nuhn now ran 12th ahead of Baker. Baker then made his way down pit road at Lap 88, done for the event.

Cox continued his climb back forward, passing Jones for 10th at Lap 0 as Chenoweth passed Box for second at Lap 98.

Willie Reyns led the rest of the way en route to picking the victory ahead of Shawn Chenoweth, Mat Box, Andrew Gresel and Andy Kamrath. Chad Corcoran finished sixth, followed by Ryan Kimball, Nick Goetz, Brandon Watson, and Jamie Cox. Corey Jones finished 11th, followed by Kent Nuhn, Billy Schwartzeburg and Dwayne Baker.

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