Peterborough Speedway

Andy Kamrath Dominates Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock 50


Andy Kamrath’s terror on the Mini Stock division has continued as after winning the Autumn Colours Classic last year and this year’s Velocity 250, he scored the victory in this year’s Autumn Colours Classic Mini Stock 50.

Chris Allard won the first heat ahead of Nick Clarke, Kris Khan, Casey Cavanagh, Marilyn Junkin, Gil Brooks, Rick Spencer-Walt, Peter Wakeling, Scott Brooks, Bryan Penny, Brandon Hannah and Morgan Robson Jr.

The second heat started off with a quick yellow as Jeremy McLean went around off of turn two on the opening lap. Warren Paxton picked up the win ahead of Andy Kamrath, Craig Kamrath, Donovan Price, Ken Townsend, Dave Watchorn, Johnny Paradzinski, Ryan Carr, Dan Demers and the 58.

The third heat also had a quick caution as Rich Schwartzenburg spun Peter Inglis in turn three, followed by Miles Tyson getting into Erin Kearns on Lap 6. Kevin Strutt picked up the win ahead of Tiffany Vandebelt, Terry Woodley, Travis McLean, Dwight Lavoie, Schwartzenburg and Pat MacDonald.

Brandon Hannah won the fourth heat ahead of Khan, Spencer-Walt, Cavanagh, Brooks, Clarke, Allard, Junkin, Penny, the 15, Robson Jr. and Brooks.

Andy Kamrath won the fifth heat ahead of Paradzinski, Carr, Paxton, Price, Watchorn, Craig Kamrath, Townsend, Demers and McLean.

The start of the sixth heat was a little messy with Graham going through the frontstretch grass. Tyson picked up the win ahead of Vandebelt, Strutt, McLean, Woodley, Graham, Schwartzenburg, Lavoie, MacDonald and Kearns.

Miles Tyson won the b-main ahead of Kearns, MacDonald, Wakeling, Inglis, McLean and Brooks.

The start of the main event saw a battle for the lead between Johnny Paradzinski and Brandon Hannah, with Hannah taking the top spot on Lap 2 as Andy Kamrath got alongside Paradzinski for second. Kamrath took the runner-up spot on Lap 3, before putting the No. 35 LONDON RECREATIONAL RACING, JASON WITTY RE/MAX, SEATON STRUCTURES, AM ROOFING, BLUE MOUNTAIN HONDA OF COLLINGWOOD, WAKE WORK RACE CLOTHING, IMAGEWRAPS.CA, SUPERCLEAN, CASTROL, BRANDON’S LANDSCAPES, WIRED AND READY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING, JF KITCHING AND SONS HAULAGE AND GEORGINA AUTO GLASS Honda Civic out front on Lap 4.

Brandon Hannah now ran second ahead of Paradzinski. Warren Paxton then got alongside Paradzinski for third, taking the spot on Lap 5. Paradzinski now ran fourth ahead of Kris Khan, Chris Allard, Kevin Strutt, Terry Woodley, Casey Cavanagh, Craig Kamrath, Donovan Price and Nick Clarke. Paxton kept moving forward, passing Hannah for second at Lap 9. Hannah now ran third ahead of Khan and Paradzinski. Allard ran sixth ahead of Strutt, Woodley and Cavanagh.

Allard then got alongside Paradzinski for fifth at Lap 12, completing the pass a lap later and bringing Strutt through with him. Paradzinski fought back, getting back by Strutt on Lap 14 for sixth. Strutt now ran seventh ahead of Woodley, Craig Kamrath, Cavanagh and Price. Clarke then made his way by Price for 11th on lap 16.

Clarke’s run wasn’t all smooth sailing, though, as Price tagged the back of him on Lap 21 as they tried to fight their way through lap traffic. The caution then flew as a result of a debris. With 29 laps to go, Andy Kamrath led Paxton, Hannah, Allard, Paradzinski, Strutt, Khan, Craig Kamrath, Woodley, Clarke, Cavanagh, Rick Spencer-Walt and Price. Dave Watchorn ran as the first car one lap down in 14th ahead of Brandt Graham, Miles Tyson, Tiffany Vandebelt, Gil Brooks, Pat MacDonald, Dwight Lavoie, Ken Townsend, Rich Schwartzenburg, Ryan Carr, Travis McLean, Josh Inglis and Dan Demers.

Andy Kamrath got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Paxton as Hannah and Allard ran side-by-side for third. Hannah took the spot on Lap 25 ahead of Allard, with Clarke rounding out the top-five. Khan ran sixth ahead of Strutt as Paradzinski brought his car into the pits on Lap 26 with a blown motor. Spencer-Walt moved his way into eighth on Lap 27 ahead of Woodley, Cavanagh and Craig Kamrath.

The second caution came out in a scary way on Lap 30 when Hannah stalled on the frontstretch, with Clarke running into the back of him. The pair of cars were heavily damaged, but both drivers were okay. With 20 laps to go, Andy Kamrath led Paxton, Allard, Khan, Strutt, Woodley, Craig Kamrath, Cavanagh and Rick Spencer-Walt as lead lap cars. Price was on the lead lap, but failed to make the restart due to issues.

Andy Kamrath got a good restart to keep the lead, while Allard slipped by Paxton to take the runner-up spot ahead of Khan and Cavanagh. Strutt ran sixth ahead of Woodley, Craig Kamrath and Spencer-Walt. The third caution then flew on Lap 34 as a result of an incident in turns one and two involving Lavoie, Brooks, Inglis and Vandebelt.

Andy Kamrath got another good restart, while Paxton slipped back by Allard to retake the runner-up spot ahead of Khan and Cavanagh. Strutt continued to run sixth ahead of Woodley as Spencer-Walt and Craig Kamrath ran side-by-side for eighth. Spencer-Walt got the spot, getting alongside Woodley for seventh on Lap 38. He was then able to complete the pass four laps later, taking the seventh spot ahead of Woodley. Kamrath then got alongside Woodley for eighth on Lap 43, competing the pass two laps later.

Andy Kamrath led the rest of the way en route to picking up the victory ahead of Warren Paxton, Chris Allard, Kris Khan and Casey Cavanagh. Rick Spencer-Walt finished sixth as the first car one lap down ahead of Craig Kamrath, Miles Tyson, Terry Woodley, Kevin Strutt and Brandt Graham.

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