Race Reports

Dwayne Baker Captures Victory in Late-Race Pass at Sunset Speedway

The pass for the lead wasn’t made till the final laps, but it was set-up perfectly as Dwayne Baker played his cards right, passing Glenn Watson in the late stages to capture the victory in the final Avenue Auto Parts Super Late Model event of the season.

In time trials, it was Glenn Watson setting the quick time at 13.957 seconds. Jeff Hanley was second quickest (14.037), followed by Brandon Watson (14.085), Dwayne Baker (14.094) and Gord Shepherd (14.117).

Come feature time, it’d be Matt Pritiko starting pole ahead of John Cadman, Dwayne Baker, Brandon Watson, Jeff Hanley, Glenn Watson, Roy Passer, Kelly Balson, Dave Doucette, Kerry Micks, Dustin Jackson, Tyler Hawn, Ian Bourque, Todd Campbell, Gary Passer, Ethan Cournyea, Dario Capirchio, Craig Stevenson and Gord Shepherd.

Off the drop of the green flag, Pritiko put the No. 21 McColl Racing Enterprises, Global Warranty, Cadillac Industrial Cleaning, Domus Developments, Toyota Town, Burwell Auto Body Ltd., SellToWin.com, Activate Drinks, NAPA Certified Bodyshops, Palasad of London and Glencoe Auto Recyclers Super Late Model out front ahead of Brandon Watson, Cadman, Glenn Watson, Dwayne Baker and Jeff Hanley, Kelly Balson ran seventh as of Lap 5 ahead of Roy Passer, Doucette, Hawn, Jackson and Bourque.

The moves began on Lap 7 as Glenn Watson got alongside Cadman for third, completing the pass two laps later. Meanwhile, Hawn slipped back two spots on Lap 11 as he was passed by both Jackson and Bourque. Jackson then tagged the back of Doucette a lap later, passing him on Lap 13 to move into ninth. Doucette now ran 10th ahead of Hawn, Bourque, Campbell and Shepherd.

Shepherd kept moving to the front, passing Campbell for 13th on Lap 14, with Kerry Micks getting alongside Passer for 15th on Lap 15. Micks was able to complete the pass a lap later, with Shepherd getting alongside Bourque for 12th at Lap 17. Shepherd completed the pass, then passing Hawn for 11th on Lap 18. Hawn now ran 12th ahead of Bourque, Campbell and Micks.

Further up the field, Jackson was able to get by Roy Passer for eighth on Lap 22. Passer now ran ninth ahead of Doucette, Shepherd, Hawn, Bourque, Campbell and Micks. Campbell then got alongside Bourque at Lap 25, while Jackson got alongside Balson a lap later. Passer continued to run ninth as both Shepherd and Doucette made their way by Hawn. Micks was able to get by Campbell for 14th, getting alongside Bourque for 13th at Lap 28.

Closer to the top-five, Balson was able to hold off Jackson to keep the seventh spot as Roy Passer continued to run ninth. The mandatory fuel caution then flew at Lap 30, allowing teams to come in for fuel – no adjustments allowed – without losing their track position. With 70 laps to go, Pritiko led Brandon Watson, Glenn Watson, Cadman, Baker, Hanley, Balson, Jackson, Roy Passer, Shepherd, Doucette, Hawn, Campbell, Micks and Gary Passer.

Pritiko got a good restart to keep the lead ahead of Brandon Watson, Glenn Watson, Cadman and Baker. Hanley continued to run solidly in sixth ahead of Balson, Jackson, Shepherd and Roy Passer. Micks found himself in 11th as of Lap 34 ahead of Doucette, Campbell, Hawn, Bourque, Capirchio and Gary Passer.

The field didn’t stay calmly single-file for long, though, as Shepherd got alongside Jackson for eighth at Lap 38, completing the pass a lap later. He then got alongside Balson for seventh as Jackson now ran ninth ahead of Roy Passer and Micks, with Campbell now ahead of Doucette and Hawn.

Shepherd was able to get the seventh spot on Lap 42, with Jackson getting alongside Balson for eighth. Ultimately, Jackson wasn’t able to complete the pass as he fell back in line two laps later. So as of Lap 44, Balson continued to run eighth ahead of Jackson, Roy Passer, Micks and Campbell.

Further up the field, Glenn Watson looked to continue his climb, getting alongside Brandon Watson for second at Lap 45. He was unable to complete the pass, falling back in line as Baker passed Cadman for third ahead of Hanley, Shepherd and Jackson. Glenn Watson then nudged the back of Brandon on Lap 49, allowing him to take the runner-up spot a lap later.

At the halfway mark, Pritiko continued to lead, now ahead of Glenn Watson, Brandon Watson, Baker, Cadman, Hanley, Jackson, Shepherd, Micks and Campbell. Baker was then able to keep moving to the front, passing Glenn Watson for second at Lap 53.

Baker then got alongside Pritiko for the lead as Pritiko tried to put Bourque a lap down. The result was Dwayne Baker putting the No. 48 Zancor Custom Homes, G.D. Coates Used Car Superstore, McGunegill Engine Performance, Four Valley’s Excavating, Clearview Heating & Cooling, Baker Performance Parts and Nisco National Leasing SLM out front.

Glenn Watson also slipped by Pritiko, taking the runner-up spot as Brandon Watson continued to run fourth with Hanley now alongside Cadman for fifth. Hanley was unable to complete the pass, falling back in line behind Cadman. Behind him, Shepherd continued to run seventh ahead of Jackson, Micks, Balson, Roy Passer, Doucette and Capirchio.

Watson then took his spot at Pritiko, getting alongside him for third at Lap 60. As the pair continued to run side-by-side, the second caution of the race flew on Lap 62 for Shepherd slowing on the frontstretch with Cournyea running into problems in turn two. Under caution, Gary Passer parked his entry behind the wall, while Roy Passer, Bourque and Balson used the caution as an opportunity to pit for adjustments. With 38 laps to go, Baker led Glenn Watson, Priitko, Brandon Watson, Cadman, Hanley, Jackson, Micks, Campbell, Doucette and Balson.

The restart saw a battle for the lead between Baker and Glenn Watson, with Watson putting the No. 22 Line-X Protective Coatings – Barrie, Race2Way.ca, Rival Office Solutions, Williamson Uxbridge GM, TSS Top Shops Auto Body Supply, Klotz Canada, ERA Tours and Port City Race Cars SLM out front on Lap 63 ahead of Baker and Brandon Watson.

Behind them, it was Jeff Hanley solidly in fourth ahead of Pritiko, Cadman, Micks, Doucette and Campbell. Campbell then got alongside Doucette for eighth on Lap 66, completing the pass a lap later. Behind them, Balson ran 10th ahead of Capirchio and Bourque as Roy Passer and Hawn ran side-by-side for 13th.

Balson then got alongside Doucette for ninth at Lap 69, completing the pass a lap later, with Capirchio and Bourque following him through. Doucette now ran 12th ahead of Passer and Hawn.

Further up the field, Cadman was able to pass Pritiko for fifth at Lap 76, with Micks following him through a lap later. Bourque then got alongside Capirchio for 10th at Lap 80, though was unable to complete the pass.  Unfortunately, Pritiko’s strong run came to an end as he’d head down pit road, done for the event, as of Lap 84.

At the front of the field, Glenn Watson was able to build himself a solid lead, but Baker made sure to hang within striking distance. As the laps closed down to the end of the race, Baker closed the gap to put himself right on Watson’s bumper. He made his move with six laps to go, taking the top spot through turns three and four.

Dwayne Baker then led the rest of the way to score the victory ahead of Glenn Watson and Brandon Watson. With a third place finish, Brandon picked up the 2016 Avenue Auto Parts Super Late Model Championship. Jeff Hanley and John Cadman rounded out the top-five.

Kerry Micks finished sixth, followed by Kelly Balson, Todd Campbell, Dave Doucette and Roy Passer. Ian Bourque finished 11th, followed by Dario Capirchio, Tyler Hawn, Matt Pritiko, Dustin Jackson, Gord Shepherd, Gary Passer and Ethan Cournyea.

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