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ST: Warren Paxton Captures Mini Stock Invitational Victory at Sunset Speedway

Aug 22-23 Ashley McCubbin071

After posting four runner-up finishes thus far this season, the Mayor finally reached feature victory lane at Sunset Speedway. Warren Paxton would win the 35-lap feature on Sunday afternoon after passing Blair Wickett for the lead at lap 20.

The night started off on a low-note for KP Motorsports as Paxton’s teammate Andy Kamrath would blow the motor with two laps to go in the first heat. Peterborough Speedway regular Tyler Junkin picked up the win ahead of Miles Tyson, Treyten Lapcevich, Wickett, Hudson Nagy, Rodney Rutherford, Chandler Bos, Josh Inglis and Peter Wakeling.

Warren Paxton won the second heat ahead of Fred Jordan, Terry Woodley, Paul Boyd, Ryan Carr, Nolan Gould, Nic Montanari and Gil Brooks.

Danny Benedict won the third heat ahead of Kyle Baker, Gerrit Tiemersma, Samantha Shaw, Kendra Adams, Bob Phinnemore, Donovan Price, Russ Couture and James Townsend.

Come feature time, Terry Woodley would start on pole behind the wheel of the No. 6 Zeggil Custom, CARS Collingwood Automotive Repair Services, Lil Loads, PWL Electrical, Greenview Graphics, Nottawasaga Mechanical, Ernie’s Performance Mini Stock out front ahead of Blair Wickett, Kyle Baker, Fred Jordan, Miles Tyson, Danny Benedict, Warren Paxton, Tyler Junkin, Gerrit Tiemersma, Treyten Lapcevich, Paul Boyd, Samantha Shaw, Hudson Nagy, Ryan Carr, Kendra Adams, Rodney Rutherford, Nolan Gould, Bob Phinnemore, Chandler Bos, Scott Brooks, Donovan Price, Josh Inglis, Nic Montanari, Gil Brooks, Peter Wakeling and James Townsend.

On the drop of the green flag, Blair Wickett would put the No. 97 Highway Transmission Services Nissan 240SX ahead of Woodley as Benedict and Jordan battled for third. Benedict would get the spot on lap three, with Baker pulling alongside Jordan for fourth. Behind them, Junkin would move into sixth ahead of Paxton.

Junkin looked to continue his climb through the field entering turn one, trying to cut between Jordan and Baker. However, there’d be contact, resulting in a flat tire and spin by Jordan. With 27 laps to go, Wickett led Woodley, Benedict, Baker, Paxton, Tyson, Boyd, Lapcevich, Shaw, Adams, Carr, Nagy, Phinnemore, Gould, Montanari, Bos and Brooks.

Wickett would get a good restart to maintain the lead with Benedict moving into second ahead of Paxton. Paxton would then get alongside Benedict for second, completing the pass at lap 11. Behind them, Baker ran fourth ahead of Woodley, Lapcevich, Tyson, Boyd, Adams and Phinnemore as Montanari and Shaw battled for 11th. Montanari would get the spot on lap 14 ahead of Shaw and Carr.

Ahead of them, Adams would look to get by Boyd for eighth, but was unable to complete the pass. Montanari would then try to get by Phinnemore for 10th, but was also unable to complete the pass. He would complete the pass two laps later, though, taking the 10th spot on lap 19.

At the front of the field, Paxton would get alongside Wickett for the lead at lap 20 and grabbed it just before the caution came out for Wakeling going around in turn four. Under caution, Shaw would head down pit road. With 14 laps to go, Paxton led Wickett, Benedict, Baker, Woodley, Lapcevich, Tyson, Boyd, Adams, Montanari, Phinenmore, Carr and Junkin.

Paxton would get a good restart behind the wheel of the No. 33 Blue Mountain Honda, Graham Landscape Limited, JF Kitching and Sons Haulage, Georgina Auto Sales, Whole Sale Tire Solutions Honda Civic as Wickett and Benedict battled for second ahead of Baker, Lapcevich and Woodley. Woodley would then get alongside Lapcevich for the fifth spot at lap 23, complete the pass a lap later.

Closer to the front, Benedict and Wickett would make contact battling for second, with Wickett getting into the front stretch wall a little. Benedict would grab the spot with Wickett giving him a shot entering turn one. Kyle Baker would then make his way around Wickett for the third spot with five laps to go.

Though in front of the field, it was all Warren Paxton as he led the rest of the way en rote to scoring the victory ahead of Danny Benedict, Kyle Baker, Blair Wickett, Terry Woodley, Treyten Lapcevich, Miles Tyson, Kendra Adams, Paul Boyd, Nic Montanari, Tyler Junkin, Gerrit Tiemersma, Bob Phinnemore, Ryan Carr, Hudson Nagy, Nolan Gould, Donovan Price, Samantha Shaw, Fred Jordan, Rodney Rutherford and Scott Brooks.

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