Ontario Legend Series

Nick Ledson Scores Victory at Sunset Speedway

In the final event of the season for the Ontario Legends Series at Sunset Speedway, it’d be Nick Ledson capturing the victory.

Nick Ledson would win the first heat ahead of Jacob Sheridan, Jamie Riberdy, Bill Mason, Andrew McFadden, Parker Traves, Bailey Brown, the 29, Willy Howells and the 22.

Dave Riopelle, who had won the previous two Sunset Speedway entering the night, won the second heat ahead of Kevin Foisy, Cole Ledson, Duane Cinnamon, Brandon Thurlby, Jarret Stewart, Robin Jongen, Jamie McArthur and Mike Gettliffe (driving Fred Jordan’s car).

Nick Ledson won the third heat ahead of Sheridan, McFadden, Mason, Traves, Riberdy, Brown, Howells, the 29 and the 22.

Kevin Foisy won the final heat ahead of Cole Ledson, Riopelle, Stewart, Jongen, Thurlby, Cinnamon, Terry McClelland and McArthur.

Come feature time, Dave Riopelle would start on pole ahead of Kevin Foisy, Nick Ledson, Jacob Sheridan, Cole Ledson, Bill Mason, Andrew McFadden, Jamie Riberdy, Brandon Thurlby, Jarret Stewart, Parker Traves, Duane Cinnamon, Bailey Brown, Terry McClelland, Robin Jongen, Willy Howells, Jamie McArthur, the 29, Mike Gettliffe and the 22.

The drop of the green flag would see Riopelle and Foisy battle for the lead, till the caution flew for McClelland spinning in turn three.

The restart brought forth a second caution as Riopelle and Foisy would get together battling for the lead. Sheridan would then catch a piece of it, getting up in the air before landing and catching the outside wall. Sheridan was able to walk away with no injuries. As a result of the incident, Nick Ledson inherited the lead ahead of Cole Ledson, Mason, Riberdy, Stewart, McFadden, Thurlby, Cinnamon, Jongen, Howells, McArthur, McClelland and Brown.

The third attempt at starting the event would go smoothly with Nick Ledson holding the advantage ahead of Cole Ledson and Mason as Stewart and Riberdy battled for fourth. Stewart would get the fourth spot on lap six ahead of Riberdy, Thurlby and McFadden.

Stewart would then get alongside Mason for third on lap seven, grabbing the spot, with Riberdy following through to take fourth. Thurlby then moved into fifth on lap 10 ahead of Mason, Jongen , Foisy, Cinnamon and Traves, Looking to make his way back through the field, Foisy would get alongside Jongen for seventh on lap 12, completing the pass two laps later.

At the halfway mark of the event, Nick Ledson continued to lead Cole Ledson, Stewart, Foisy, Thurlby, Jogen, Mason, Traves, Cinnamon, McClelland, McFadden, Howells, Brown, McArthur and Gettliffe.

With the field strung out single-file, it was looking to be a calm run to the checkered flag. However, that wouldn’t be the case as the caution would fly on lap 21 for Riberdy going around in turn two virtue of contact from Foisy.

Nick Ledson would get a good restart to hold the lead as Stewart slipped into second ahead of Cole Ledson, Thurlby and Mason as Jongen and Traves battled for sixth. The caution would then fly, though, for McArthur going around in turn two.

Nick Ledson would then get a good restart to capture the feature victory ahead of Jarret Stewart, Cole Ledson, Brandon Thurlby, Bill Mason, Robin Jongen, Parker Traves, Terry McClelland, Cole McFadden, Kevin Foisy, Willy Howells, Bailey Brown, Jamie McArthur, Jamie Riberdy, Mike Gettliffe, the 29 and the 22.

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