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Mike Weeda Scores First Career Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

mikeweedaThroughout his racing career to date, there has been one thing that has been missing – a feature victory. Mike Weeda would survive three green-white-checkereds to score his first career feature victory on Saturday night at Sunset Speedway.

Adam Martin won the first heat ahead of Dennis Cybalski, Stan Coe, Ryan Semple, Matt Bentley, Chris Howse, Keith Temple and Doug Harvey.

Lane Zardo won the second heat ahead of Tyler Liscum, Kevin Reynolds, Jade Franklin, Johnny Morrison, Paul Allard, Ric Watson and Rod Tooley.

Mike Weeda won the third heat ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Randy Rusnell, Kent Constable, Brendan Adams, Luke Gignac, Dustyn Mombourquette and Candiss Everingham.

The b-main didn’t go smoothly, with Gignac and Dwight Bell running into mechanical issues and having to pull off, while William Hughes and Candiss Everingham got together on the last lap in turn two. Matt Bentley picked up the win ahead of Adams, Howse, Constable, Morrison, Temple, Harvey, Watson, Tooley, Allard, Mombourquette and the 27.

The fast qualifier’s dash did not go smoothly, either, as it’d feature one of the scarier wrecks of the evening. Starting on the front row for the start, Zardo would run into a clutch program; as a result, he’d slow the entire top lane up. Stan Coe and Jade Franklin would both try to move down to avoid contact, coming together with the right side of Franklin’s car up on top of the left side of Coe’s car. The pair would remain connected heading into turn one, with Franklin’s car rolling upside down off of Coe’s car. Franklin would climb out of the car, unhurt in the incident.

To view the whole flip as it happened, from where it started to Franklin ending up on his roof, feel free to view the full 31 photo series that is available by clicking here.

The race also featured a second caution on lap two as Martin and Weeda would come together in turn two, with Liscum catching a piece of it as it ripped the door off his car. Cayden Lapcevich picked up the win ahead of Rusnell, Cybalski, Reynolds, Semple, Weeda and Coltin Everingham.

Come feature time, Mike Weeda would start on pole ahead of Ryan Semple, Brendan Adams, Dennis Cybalski, Lane Zardo, Kent Constable, Randy Rusnell, Kevin Reynolds, Coltin Everingham, Adam Martin, Cayden Lapcevich, Stan Coe, Matt Bentley, Chris Howse, Johnny Morrison, Keith Temple, Doug Harvey, Ric Watson, Paul Allard, Rod Tooley, Dustyn Mombourquette, Candiss Everingham, William Hughes, Dwight Bell and Jade Franklin.

Weeda would put the No. 6 Humberview Farms, Kenspin Ltd., Cedar Lawn Farms and Ken Lawnmower Repair Mustang out front on the drop of the green flag as Semple and Adams battled for second while Zardo and Cybalski battled for fourth. There’d be an early caution on lap three, though, for debris in turn four. Under caution, Zardo would head down pit road with a problem, before returning to the track at the rear of the field.

Weeda would get a good restart to maintain the lead as Adams and Semple continued to battle for second ahead of Cybalski and Reynolds. Adams would grab the second spot at lap five while Constable and Martin battled for sixth behind Reynolds. Semple would then challenge Adams back for the spot, completing the pass a lap later. So Semple would now run second at lap nine ahead of Adams, Cybalski, Reynolds, Martin and Lapcevich.

Further back in the field, Rusnell would run eighth as Constable and Bentley battled for ninth ahead of Coe, Howse and Temple. Bentley would complete the pass for the ninth spot at the halfway mark. Behind Temple, Zardo had gotten back up to 13th ahead of Coltin Everingham, Franklin, Bell, Allard and Tooley.

With a long green flag run, the field would string out single-file, beginning to put cars a lap down. The track wouldn’t be without battles for position as Lapcevich got alongside Martin for sixth at lap 17, with Bentley getting alongside Rusnell for ninth a lap later. Further up the field, Reynolds got alongside Cybalski for fourth, with Lapcevich turning that into a three-wide battle.

Lapcevich would then grab the fourth spot on lap 21 ahead of Martin, Bentley, Reynolds, Bell and Rusnell. Behind Rusnell, Coe and Zardo battled for the 10th spot as the caution flew for Watson being spun by Harvey. With six laps to go, Weeda led Semple, Adams, Lapcevich, Martin, Bentley, Reynolds, Cybalski, Rusnell, Coe, Zardo, Constable, Howse and Temple.

Weeda got a good restart to maintain the lead ahead of Semple as Lapcevich battled Adams for third while Bentley battled Martin for fifth. Reynolds would find himself up to the seventh spot as Rusnell got alongside Cybalski for eighth spot with two laps to go. Lapcevich was able to get by Adams for third, with Bentley and Martin splitting Adams down the frontstretch in attempt to follow suit. However, it wouldn’t work out as planned as Adams would spin on the white flag lap, bringing forth the caution.

Per Sunset Speedway rules that would mean the field would get three attempts at a green-white-checkered. Going into the first attempt, Weeda led Semple, Lapcevich, Bentley, Reynolds, Rusnell, Cybalski, Zardo, Coe, Constable, Howse, Temple, Bell, Coltin Everingham, Franklin, Adams and Martin. Allard ran as the first car a lap down ahead of Harvey, Watson, Mombourquette, Tooley, Hughes and Candiss Everingham.

The first attempt would saw Lapcevich get by Semple for second as Semple got loose on the outside off of turn four. Lapcevich would then get alongside Weeda for the lead. However, the caution flew as Watson hit the frontstretch wall hard. He would climb out of the car, uninjured. Per Sunset Speedway rules of going back a lap when the caution comes out, Weeda would restart as the leader ahead of Semple and Lapcevich.

The second attempt would see the most impressive restart move of the night with Lapcevich diving underneath both Weeda and Semple down the front stretch to make it three-wide for the lead. Lapcevich would take the lead off of turn two, leaving Weeda and Bentley to battle for second.

That battle would be short lived as Zardo would go around in turn two. Once again, going back a lap would put Weeda back out in front of Semple and Lapcevich. Due to the two cautions back-to-back, speedway officials made the decision to make the final restart single-file, versus double-file.

Mike Weeda would get a good restart to maintain the lead and score the victory. Cayden Lapcevich finished second followed by Ryan Semple, Matt Bentley, Kevin Reynolds, Randy Rusnell, Stan Coe, Kent Constable, Chris Howse, Dwight Bell, Keith Temple, Coltin Everingham, Brendan Adams, Jade Franklin, Adam Martin, Lane Zardo, Dennis Cybalski, Paul Allard, Doug Harvey, Dustyn Mombourquette, Rod Tooley and William Hughes.

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