Race Reports

Tyler Hawn Dominates LUDUH Hot Rod Spring Velocity Feature

INNISFIL, Ontario — Starting from the pole, Tyler Hawn led all 30 laps en route to winning the LUDUH Hot Rods Spring Velocity feature at Sunset Speedway on Sunday.

Tom Walters won the first heat in front of Rob Bromley, Tyler Hawn, and Herb Walters, as Matt Spry did not finish due to mechanical issues.

There was a quick caution on Lap 6 in the second qualifier when Keenan Belzile spun off of turn four. Amanda Balson picked up the win ahead of Paul Senior, Luke Gignac, Jamie Carins, Thomas Dunn, and Belzile.

Rob Bromley was victorious in the third heat, followed by Tom Walters, Hawn, Herb Walters, and Spry.

Paul Senior snagged the checkered flag in the final qualifier, in front of Balson, Carins, Gignac, Dunn, and Belzile.

Come feature time, Tyler Hawn started pole ahead of Paul Senior, Rob Bromley, Amanda Balson, Tom Walters, Jamie Cairns, Luke Gignac, Herb Walters, Matt Spry, Thomas Dunn, Keenan Belzile, and Dan Rothwell.

Tyler Hawn grabbed the early advantage as Bromely and Senior battled for second, with Tom Walters and Balson side-by-side for fourth. Senior would get into Walters slightly on Lap 2, followed by tagging the back of Bromley a lap later. Bromley held on, though, keeping second ahead of Senior, Walters, Balson, Herb Walters, Cairns, Gignac, Dunn, Spry, Belzile, and Rothwell.

The battle for third got interesting on Lap 10 with Senior, Tom Walters, and Balson going three-wide. Walters got the spot, with Balson and Herb Walters following suit a lap later. Balson would try to make the move on Tom Walters for third on Lap 16, getting into turn three grass, sending her sideways. She would keep going without a caution thrown. Herb Walters now ran fourth in front of Senior, Cairns, Balson, Gignac, and Dunn.

Herb would challenge Tom for third, but the caution came out instead on Lap 20 for Spry going around in turns three and four. With 10 laps to go, Hawn led Bromley, Tom Walters, Herb Walters, Senior, Balson, Cairns, Gignac, Dunn, Spry, and Rothwell.

Tyler Hawn got a good restart in front of Bromley, as Herb and Tom Walters battled for third. Tom got the spot, as Balson back into the top-five. Tom would then get by Bromley for second on Lap 23, with Herb following suit. Balson and Senior would look to split Bromley down the frontstretch for fourth, but there’d be contact between Senior and Bromley, resulting in Bromley making contact with the inside frontstretch wall for the yellow flag at Lap 26.

Tyler Hawn got a good restart, leading the rest of the way en route to winning, followed by Tom Walters, Amanda Balson, Herb Walters, and Luke Gignac.

Position                Car #      Name

1                              2              Tyler Hawn

2                              47           Tom Walters

3                              16           Amanda Balson

4                              88           Herb Walters

5                              20           Luke Gignac

6                              6              Rob Bromley

7                              36           Jamie Carins

8                              63           Thomas Dunn

9                              17           Matt Spry

10                           21           Dan Rothwell

11                           8              Paul Bogensberger Sr.

12                           34           Keenan Belzile

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