Race Reports

Kyle Steckly Goes Flag-to-Flag En Route to Feature Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — After fading back in the first feature, Kyle Steckly was able to rebound nicely to score the victory in the second 35-lap affair for the Late Models at Sunset Speedway.

Virtue of the invert from the first feature, it’d be Kyle Steckly on pole in front of Gord Shepherd, Dwayne Baker, Dustyn Mombourquette, Danny Benedict, Josh Stade, Jordan Howse, Jake Sheridan, Samantha Shaw, Paul Maltese, Travis Hallyburton, Kendra Adams, Dario Capirchio, Tyler Di Venanzo, Billy Zardo, Dan Archibald, Al Inglis, and Ryan Kimball.

Kyle Steckly broke out to the early lead on the first lap as Shepherd and Mombourquette battled for second. Shepherd got the spot a lap later, with Baker and Stade side-by-side for fourth. Behind them, Sheridan ran sixth in front of Howse as Hallyburton and Benedict battled for eighth. Hallyburton got the spot on Lap 6 in front of Benedict, Adams, Maltese, Shaw, and Di Venanzo.

Howse would challenge Sheridan for eighth on Lap 8, getting the spot to battle Stade for sixth as Baker edged ahead. Stade got the spot on Lap 10, with Hallyburton now alongside Sheridan for eighth. Hallyburton took it over, with Benedict rounding out the top-10 in front of Adams and Shaw.

Now inside the top-five, Stade challenged Baker for fourth, as Howse ran sixth in front of Hallyburton, Sheridan, and Benedict. Baker got the spot on Lap 15, bringing Howse through with him. Hallyburton looked to do the same, tagging the back bumper of Stade. He got the spot three laps later, with Sheridan remaining eighth in front of Shaw and Adams. Benedict, meanwhile, fell out of the top-10 when he headed down pit road on Lap 14.

Howse looked to continue his charge forward in the field, getting alongside Baker for fourth, but unable to clear with Baker using Archibald as a pick. That didn’t end the challenge as Howse tried again, though unable to clear with eight laps left on the board.

Kyle Steckly led the rest of the way en route to winning in front of Gord Shepherd and Dustyn Mombourquette, as Dwayne Baker held off Jordan Howse for fourth.

Second Feature

Pos         Car#       Driver

1              22           Kyle Stekley

2              10s         Gord Shephard

3              16           Dustin Mombourquette

4              48X         Dwayne Baker

5              8              Jordan Howse

6              39           Travis Hally Burton

7              17           Josh Stade

8              81           Samantha Shaw

9              52           Jake Sheridon

10           2              Kendra Adams

11           97D        Tyler Di Venanzo

12           46           Billy Zardo

13           23           Paul Maltese

14           03           Dario Capirchio

15           16K         Ryan Kimball

16           69           Al Inglis

17           7              Dan Archibald

18           54           Danny Benedict

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