Delaware Speedway

Kassy Howard Ready to Carry Ladies of the Oval Banner at Delaware Speedway

Gaining speed each year, whether learning herself behind the wheel or leaning on her teammates, Kassy Howard is prepared for the season ahead of her in 2023.

“My plan is to run Delaware Speedway full time this season with the odd appearance at Flamboro and Grand Bend Speedways,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “The plan is to finish in the top 5 and/or the top 10 every week, and get some heat wins and hopefully at least one feature win.”

Howard showed speed throughout last season, scoring a top-15 points finish despite having two front end wrecks throughout the year.

“I impressed myself every week as my lap times kept getting quicker all while fighting a very loose car,” she added. “Overall, I’m looking at improving lap times from last season, but I was extremely happy with how last season went.”

Everything came together on the final night of the year, where she had her biggest moment of the year, rebounding from a wreck mid-race to place 25th out of 40 cars, putting down her quickest lap of 2022. For her, “it was a big moment for me to crack into the 23 second mark.”

Her success last year, as well as commitment heading into 2023, has been recognized, as she was one of the three drivers named as a recipient of the Ladies of the Oval sponsorship.

“I feel honoured and grateful that I get to represent Ladies of the Oval this race season alongside Kaisha and Tina,” she commented. “I can only hope that the season goes as planned and that I represent women in racing well.”

She went on to add that it means a lot for her to be an inspiration for both ladies young and old.

“To know that I can be an inspiration to hopefully get more ladies behind the wheel and show that not just men can drive a race car, makes me want to go out every week and give it my all,” she continued. “I know that my little sister was one of those girls in the stands, and I inspired her to be behind the wheel this season, so I know she isn’t the only one.”

Based on the experience gained to date, her advice to other ladies looking to go racing is “to not let the boys in the stands tell you that women don’t belong on that race track, get out there and constantly prove them wrong; after all, the cars don’t care if you’re a male or female.”

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