Flamboro Speedway

From Go-Karts to Pro Challenge Series, Devon Rayment Finding Groove

Continuing to gain experience behind the wheel, Devon Rayment was able to put together a solid 2022 Ontario Pro Challenge Series season.

“I like that there were more races than the previous years,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Going through COVID, we didn’t have as many opportunities to race unfortunately. However, we were able to go out and race more so that was amazing. We were also given the opportunity to race at Varney (Full Throttle Motor Speedway) and switch it up a little bit which was nice.”

Rayment was competitive through the season, scoring six top-five’s and nine top-10’s, including his most memorable moment of the year, the season-high runner-up at Flamboro Speedway in June.

As he prepares for the new year ahead, Rayment says he needs to “improve my role in the fixing of the car and understanding how the car works, so I can make adjustments based on my driving style.”

For Rayment, the interest in racing stemmed from his grandfather and watching NASCAR together, which turned into him getting his start behind the wheel of a go-kart six years ago. Reflecting back on that period of his career, he says the most critical lessons were “the work ethic and overall how to take blame for my mistakes and learn from them.” Continuing to improve his skills paid off, with his first career victory coming in his second year of karting.

“I was racing up against people with six to eight years experience and I was able to go in and beat them so that was nice,” he recalled.

Rayment then met a member of the Ontario Pro Challenge Series who had a car for sale, and decided to make an offer to become involved. It’s a decision he doesn’t regret in seeing how affordable they can be, and the amazing community it is.

From here, he hopes to get behind the wheel of a Late Model down the road, or possibly a Sprint Car if he switches over to dirt competition.

With everything he has done to date, his advice to anyone getting started is, “Believe in yourself and tell yourself that you’re the person for the job. If you don’t give yourself that confidence and motivation, it’s not going to happen.”

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