Bone Stocks

Calvin Reesor Reflects on Season of Winning Races, Making Memories

Putting himself out front as a championship contender all season long, Calvin Reesor put together a memorable season at Sunset Speedway en route to placing second in the Sunset Speedway Bone Stock standings.

“Looking back, I had a lot of fun – made some memories and won some races, can’t complain about that,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS.

Reesor was fast from the very first race of the year, picking up nine top-five’s, including three trips to victory lane. One of those nights was extra memorable in having Frank Davey there to hand him the checkered flag. As Reesor said, “I’ve been there for plenty of his, so (it) was nice to have him be there for one of mine.”

Now as he looks towards the 2023 campaign, Reesor admits he has not solidified his plans for the season yet, but looking to have fun whenever he is able to make it out to the track. He also went on to add more consistency in his driving will help improve the program as “missed shifts are a killer.”

There is a possibility his plans will include traveling, following success with appearances are both Flamboro Speedway and Peterborough Speedway in 2022.

“I did enjoy the little bit of travelling I have done so far so I’d like to say I’ll travel more,” he shared. “But Sunset is so close to home it’s tough not to go on a Saturday.”

He also admitted the potential of moving up to other divisions down the road but “just not in the near future” with his eyes focused on his Pure / Bone Stock goals.

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