Cody Wilds Turns Jr Late Model Experience into Fun, Competitive Legend Season

After finding success in the Jr Late Models, Cody Wilds has taken his racing endeavors to the next level with partaking in Legend competition across Ontario.

“This season was an amazing season,” Wilds said. “I loved it. I had a lot of fun and there was extremely good competition and lots of clean racing.”

Looking back at a year which saw him travel across the province, he says his favourite moment would be picking up his first career heat victory.

Wilds will return to Legends in 2023, picking and choosing events across the province to run with the goal to score his first career feature victory.

“I have to improve on my throttle exit,” he explained. “Instead of slamming on the gas, I have to start rolling onto the throttle more so there isn’t as much snap coming off the corner.”

Like several young drivers, Wilds showed an interest in the sport at a young age, asking his father to go racing. Although the initial response was no, he went to the shop the next day to see a car in the shop. He start behind the wheel came with the Jr Late Model division, capturing victories and championship success.

“Jr late models showed me how to be smooth,” he commented. “In those cars, choppy driving is horrible, so I learned how to be smooth and being smooth is key to success. If you’re choppy on the wheel, you’re losing a lot of speed; if you’re smooth on the wheel, you’ll gain much more speed.”

Wilds has also had a lot of great names to look up to in the province, including Kenny McNicol and Trevor Collver.

“These are only 2 of the many people that have showed me a lot through my racing career, but these guys especially helped me by not only giving me advice but coming onto the track and helping me,” Wilds commented.

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