Gerrit Tiemersma Puts Together Amazing 2022 Campaign Across Province

No matter where you saw the No. 17 Wayfreight Super Stock in 2022, Gerrit Tiemersma was near the front of the field contending for victories. The continued speed paid off, in the form of the 2022 Sunset Speedway Super Stock Championship.

“It was a very successful season for us,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We had multiple wins in a row, were the sunset champions, just missed out on the Qwick wick championship and had a lot of fun with our fans and supporters.”

Throughout the year, he put together a great campaign with two victories, seven top-five’s, and nine top-10’s. He also competed full-time in the Qwick Wick Super Stock Series, scoring three top-five’s including a victory at Sunset Speedway.

“My favourite moment would have to be our Qwick Wick Series win at Sunset Speedway,” he reflected. “It was long overdue and the racing Gods owed me some luck. It was a big relief for our team and a shot confidence heading into the back half of our season.”

The consistency on the tour paid off as well as he placed second in the year-end standings, just four points shy of the championship behind Pete Vanderwyst.

“I’ve changed my focus from winning races to being the fastest driver,” he explained. “This has allowed me to put less pressure on winning races, as when your car has a very quick base setup, it’s easier to find success. The wins that have come to us is all due to the extra work we have put into our shop program and our detail oriented routine. Now I can be more patient on track and make smarter, cleaner moves.”

The success is no surprise, though, if you know the family. For those who have been around Ontario motorsports, they’d recognize the last name due to success by Steve Tiemersma, Derrick Tiemersma, and others. Despite that, though, Gerrit says it does not bring extra pressure.

“I appreciate the history of my family, it’s how I’ve gotten my start in racing,” he commented. “But the success we’ve have in the previous two seasons, that’s due to the hard work of myself, father, and team members who dedicate their time to me. Gerrit wins the races now, it’s a new era.”

With a great season in the rearview, a lot of eyes are on Tiemersma in wondering what he has up his sleeve for 2023 and beyond. Currently, he admits they are not sure about their goals, rather waiting to see the schedules the tracks release and if any unique events catch his attention. As he added, “The same old show isn’t for us and we will continue to aim to win the big ones!”

For those looking to get interested in the sport, the advice from Tiemersma is simple – develop yourself as a driver, and your number one crew member.

“Our car is now fast because of the early years of work I put in, educating myself on what a championship winning team needs to be successful,” he said.

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