Travis Majuery Carries Consistent Season to Rookie of the Year Honors

Carrying consistency throughout the year in Ontario Pro Challenge Series competition, Travis Majuery was able to pick up Rookie of the Year honours.

“The 2022 season was my rookie year in the Ontario Pro challenge series and I far exceeded any expectations I had set for myself,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “After showing up to the first race of the year with zero on track seat time in the new car, my only goal was to keep myself on the lead lap. I didn’t think I was going to have the speed, or confidence that I did being my first season in a racecar and not a go-kart. I definitely did not expect to win Rookie of the Year either.”

Throughout the year, he was able to score 10 top-five’s and 18 top-10’s, with a season-best runner-up finish at the beginning of August.

“(My) favorite moment of 2022 had to be our second trip to Varney in August,” he shared. “I am the third generation of Majuery to race at that track, so it was really special to even be able to lead some laps on the same track that my relatives have won on long before I was even born. I even ended up getting my best finish of the year there, finishing second after leading a good chunk of it!”

Now as he looks for his first career victory in his sophomore campaign, he says it will take being “present for a lot more Tuesday practices at Flamboro next year” so he can learn the car better, including details about chassis set-ups. As he notes, “setting up a go-kart to turn on dirt is a lot different than a car for asphalt!”

The decision to race in the Ontario Pro Challenge Series is something that’s “a dream come true” for Majuery, after watching his father race in the same car from 2006 to 2021 before retiring, including Rookie of the Year honors of his own. Before that, though, he spent his time behind the wheel in a go-kart.

“One day my dad asked me if I wanted to go watch the go-karts race at Merrittville Speedway on Tuesday nights,” he recalled. “The next season I was on the track. We spent 15 years racing karts there before transitioning to pro challenge cars!”

Now given his experience behind the wheel, he says the best advice he can give to someone beginning to race is be willing to learn.

“Learn from your mistakes, learn from following the pack for a few laps, talk to fellow racers, watch videos, record videos of the races to go back and watch, anything you can do to see your mistakes and find ways to correct them,” he explained.

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