St. Onge Recreation Super Stocks

BY THE NUMBERS: Super Stocks at Sunset Speedway

With the final night of the season in the books, the champion has been crowned with the numbers finalized on the year. It was one of those years everyone will remember, with how close the points were at the end.

points were between Gerrit Tiemersma and Johnny Morrison at the top of the standings

point was how far back Cory McAllister was third in points

1st was the best average finish of all drivers, set by Rick Spencer-Walt, by winning the final feature of the year in his lone start of 2022

feature victories for Tiemersma was the deciding factor for the championship

2.833 was the second-best average finish of all drivers, set by Brandon Passer, across six features

feature victories for Passer was the most of all drivers in 2022

3.111 was the third-best average finish of all drivers, set by Morrison, across nine features

3.222 was the fourth-best average finish of all drivers, set by Tiemersma, across nine features

3.667 was the fifth-best average finish of all drivers, set by McAllister, across nine features

or more feature top-five’s were scored by McAllister, Morrison, Tiemersma, Nick Tooley, and Passer

drivers were able to score a feature victory in 2022

drivers had an average finish of fifth or better in 2022

feature top-10’s for Matt McGrath gave him a consistent rookie campaign

feature top-five’s for McAllister led all drivers in 2022, giving him a perfect season

feature top-10’s for Morrison, McAllister, Tiemersma, and Tooley led all drivers in 2022

11 drivers scored a feature top-five in 2022

16 drivers scored a feature top-10 in 2022

16 drivers had an average finish of 10th or better in 2022

17 of Tiemersma was crowned the 2022 Super Stock Sunset Speedway Champion

18 different drivers ran at least a single feature in 2022

29 of Paul Pepper scored his first feature victory in 2022

71 of McAllister scored a feature victory in August

83 of Morrison picked up a feature victory in July

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