Peterborough Speedway

Sean Kennedy Uses Masterful Drive To Score Peterborough Victory

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — Running the bottom line in style, Sean Kennedy was able to hold on to score the Bone Stock feature victory at Peterborough Speedway on Saturday night.

John Bates won the first heat ahead of Jacob Kelly, Mark Griffin, Tegan Stanley, Christian Lavalle, Cory Horne, and Kyle Johnson.

Sean Kennedy was victorious in the second qualifier in front of Steve Finnegan, Brad Lavalle, Tyler Croft, Victoria McLenon, and Zachery Cheng.

The third heat did not start off well, courtesy of contact between Horne and Johnson. Tegan Stanley picked up the win ahead of Kelly, Bates, Griffin, Christian Lavalle, Johnson, and Horne.

Steve Finnegan was victorious in the fourth qualifier, in front of Brad Lavalle, Kennedy, McLenon, Croft, and Cheng.

Come feature time, Sean Kennedy broke out to the early advantage ahead of Jacob Kelly, Brad Lavalle, and Tegan Stanley, as John Bates and Mark Griffin battled for fifth. Griffin got the spot on Lap 3 ahead of Bates, with Steve Finnegan passing Christian Lavalle for seventh a lap later. The shuffling continued, with Stanley moving up to third, bringing Griffin through to bump Brad Lavalle back to fifth in front of Bates, Christian Lavalle, Victoria McLenon, and Tyler Croft. The first caution then flew on Lap 8 for Horne getting into the turn four wall.

Sean Kennedy got a good restart, with Stanley and Kelly side-by-side for second. Stanley got the spot on Lap 10, with Brad Lavalle taking fourth on Lap 12, with Finnegan alongside Griffin for fifth in front of Bates, Christian Lavalle, and McLenon. At the same time on Lap 13, Kyle Johnson would head down pit road.

Brad Lavalle continued to try and climb his way forward, getting alongside Kelly for third on Lap 14, as Bates passed Griffin for sixth. There were battles throughout the field, with Tegan Stanley challenging Kennedy for the top spot on Lap 16, drawing along the outside as Kennedy mastered the line right next to the infield grass. The move would backfire, though, allowing Lavalle to challenge Stanley for second.

Sean Kennedy picked up the victory in front of Brad Lavalle, Tegan Stanley, Steve Finnegan, and Jacob Kelly.

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