Race Reports

Miles Tyson Dominates Spring Velocity at Sunset Speedway

After winning Fall Velocity last season, Miles Tyson kicked off the 2022 campaign in style by winning Spring Velocity.

Paul Maltese won the first heat followed by Miles Tyson, Billy Zardo, Kendra Adams, Dustyn Mombourquette, Daniel Montanari, Tyler Segan, Al Inglis, and Ryan D’Antimo.

Dustyn Mombourquette was victorious in the second qualifier, which ended with D’Antimo driving into Tyson to score a second-place finish. Zardo finished fourth in front of Montanari, Adams, and Inglis. It is also worth noting Segan and Maltese both went around on the backstretch on the final lap after contact.

Come feature time, Miles Tyson started pole in front of Dustyn Mombourquette, Billy Zardo, Paul Maltese, Kendra Adams, Daniel Montanari, Ryan D’Antimo, Al Inglis, and Tyler Segan.

The drop of the green flag would see a battle for the top spot between Tyson and Mombourquette, with Tyson grabbing the advantage on the fourth lap.

From then on, it was all Miles Tyson as he drove away from the field to score the victory in front of Dustyn Mombourquette and Paul Maltese. Billy Zardo would hold off Daniel Montanari in the late stages for fourth, followed by Kendra Adams, Al Inglis, Ryan D’Antimo, and Tyler Segan.

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