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Johnny Paradzinski Dominates Mini Stock 35 at Sunset Speedway

Despite being heavily pressured from behind, Johnny Paradzinski was able to hold on en route to winning the Mini Stock invitational on Saturday afternoon at Sunset Speedway.

Josh Bullen won the first heat in front of Shawn Taylor, Cole Quinton, Johnny Paradzinski, Samantha Shaw, Ryan D’Antimo, Coleridge Phinnemore, Kyle Fetterly, Wyatt Sutcliffe, and Madisson Tienkamp.

Chris Allard was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Bob Phinnemore, Eric Rainey, Curtis Stewart, Kevin Strutt, and Donovan Burleigh. The race featured contact between Stewart and Ryan Edwards-Kiss, with Stewart going around in the process.

Samantha Shaw was victorious in the third heat in front of Paradzinski, Taylor, Quinton, Bullen, D’Antimo, Coleridge Phinnemore, Fetterly, Sutcliffe, and Tienkamp.

Chris Allard went for the daily double ahead of Bob Phinnemore, Stewart, Strutt, Rainey, and Burleigh.

Come feature time, Johnny Paradzinski started pole in front of Josh Bullen, Shawn Taylor, Bob Phinnemore, Chris Allard, Samantha Shaw, Cole Quinton, Eric Rainey, Curtis Stewart, Kevin Strutt, Ryan D’Antimo, Rusty Burleigh, Coleridge Phinnemore, Wyatt Sutcliffe, Kyle Fetterly, and Madisson Tienkamp.

Johnny Paradzinski would grab the advantage off the drop of the green flag, slipping across Bullen’s nose in the process as he did so. Behind them, Taylor ran third in front of Phinnemore and Shaw, as Quinton tagged Allard behind them. There was contact through the whole field, with Bullen giving Paradzinski a shove down the frontstretch on Lap 4.

Shaw would move up into fourth on Lap 6 ahead of Phinnemore, followed by Quinton, Allard, Stewart, D’Antimo, Rainey, Strutt, and Coleridge Phinnemore. Strutt then got alongside Rainey for 10th on Lap 8, completing the pass a lap later. The shuffling continued through the field with Quinton breaking into the top-five on Lap 10 as he got by Bob Phinnemore, with Coleridge Phinnemore by Rainey for 11th three laps later.

The battle for the lead got interesting at Lap 14, with Bullen trying to split the middle between Paradzinski and a lap car in Burleigh. The move would not work, instead breaking Bullen’s momentum, allowing Taylor to get alongside for the runner-up spot. They weren’t the only ones battling, with Sutcliffe sending Strutt a couple lanes up just past halfway.

Bullen was able to hold off the challenge for second, with Allard making his way by Bob Phinnemore for sixth on Lap 17. Unfortunately, Shaw’s strong top-five run came to an end a couple laps later, as she headed down pit road with mechanical issues.

Johnny Paradzinski led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory, followed by Josh Bullen, Shawn Taylor, Cole Quinton, and Chris Allard.

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