Peterborough Speedway

BY THE NUMBERS: Peterborough Speedway Mini Stocks

When the six races were put in the books, the championship came down to a mere single-point with Jeremy Kelly edging out Ryan Oosterholt for the title.

However, that’s just one of the numbers to consider from this past year.

point separated Jeremy Kelly and Ryan Oosterholt at season’s end

drivers scored more than 10 heat top-five’s – Ember Junkin, Kelly, and Kevin Strutt

feature wins for Oosterholt led all drivers, as he won half of the events

3rd was Jeff McKibbon’s finish in his lone start this season

3.5 was the second highest-average finish, set by Ryan Edwards-Kiss.

3.5 was the best average finish of those to run all six races (second-highest overall), set by Kelly and Junkin

4 drivers scored a feature win

4th was Josh Bullen’s finish in his lone start of the season

4.8 was the fourth-highest average finish, set by Brad Lavalle

5 drivers scored more than one heat win – Oosterholt, Kelly, Lavalle, Junkin, and Strutt

drivers scored more than three feature top-five’s – Junkin, Oosterholt, Kelly, Lavalle, and Strutt

feature top-five’s for Junkin led all drivers

feature top-10’s for Lavalle and Strutt gave them the second-most of the season

5.667 was the fifth-highest average finish, set by Brock Baker

features were ran

feature top-10’s for Kelly, Junkin, and Baker gave them perfect seasons

drivers scored a heat win

drivers scored an average finish of sixth or better

points seperated the top-three in points – Kelly, Oosterholt, and Junkin

heat wins for Oosterholt led all drivers this season as he won 75% of them

11 drivers scored a feature top-five

12 heat top-five’s gave Junkin a perfect season as she led all drivers

16 drivers scored an average finish of 10th or better

18 drivers scored a heat top-five

20 of Edwards-Kiss scored a feature victory mid-August

21 drivers scored a feature top-10

26 drivers ran at least a single feature

34 of Strutt scored a feature win mid-season

80 of Kelly scored a feature win en route to the championship

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