Peterborough Speedway

Phil Givens Scores Victory in Pure Stock ACC Feature

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — A series of bumps and chaos in the final laps would lead to contenders falling out of competition, while others worked at survival. Ultimately, though, it’d be Phil Givens taking home the victory in the Pure Stock Autumn Colours Classic feature.

Eric Stewart won the first heat in front of Scott Simpson, Connor Parkes, Alex Stewart, Christian Lavalle, Brandon Feeney, Joshua Munro, Cash Ireton, Joe Dunlop, and Victoria McLennon.

Kris Khan was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Steve Finnegan, Phil Givens, Brad Lavalle, Curtis Young, Craig Cole, Angelo Novis, Calvin Reesor, Michael Neumeister, Willow Barberstock, and Kyle Johnston.

Kyle Neumeister won the third race followed by Kyle Novis, Connor Ellis, Rolland Goodfellow, Rick VanKleef, Spencer Riddell, and Dave Feeney.

The second round of qualifying would be cancelled on Saturday, as a result of rain. Therefore, the main event and b-feature line-up would set based on the first round of heats only.

The b-main started off with Keith Parks stalling on the opening lap, while Kyle Johnston was blackflagged for leaking fuel. Michael Neumeister picked up the victory in front of Jeff Laflamme, Glen Schmidt, and Willow Barberstock, while Victoria McLennon missed the cut for the main event.

Come feature time, Alex Stewart started pole in front of Brad Lavalle, Phil Givens, Connor Parkes, Connor Ellis, Kyle Novis, Steve Finnegan, Scott Simpson, Eric Stewart, Kyle Neumeister, Kris Khan, Richard Goodfellow, Rick VanKleef, Christian Lavalle, Curtis Young, Spencer Riddell, Brandon Feeney, Joshua Munro, Angelo Novis, Cash Ireton, Dave Feeney, Joe Dunlop, Calvin Reesor, Michael Neumeister, Jeff Laflamme, Willow Barberstock, and Glen Schmidt.

The first caution came out right off the green flag for VanKleef stopping in the grass in turn three. The second attempt to start the event was no better, with an incident in turn one involving Ireton and Schmidt.

The third attempt would go smoothly with Givens and Brad Lavalle side-by-side for the top spot, as Finnegan battled Parkes for third. Givens got the spot on Lap 2, with Finnegan getting alongside Lavalle for second, as Kyle Novis battled Parkes for fourth. Finnegan got the spot, immediately getting alongside Givens for the lead on Lap 4 as Khan got into the outside turn four wall.

Kyle Novis moved into third on Lap 5 in front of Lavalle, with Ellis and Parkes side-by-side for fifth, with Kyle Neumeister passing them both on Lap 7, as Ellis ran fifth in front of Young.

Givens would clear Finnegan for the top spot on Lap 8, but Finnegan did not back down with another challenge a lap later. It would work, as he’d take over the lead on Lap 10 with Novis running third in front of Neumeister, as Lavalle and Young battled for fifth in front of Ellis, Goodfellow, and Feeney. Christian Lavalle would take a trip to the infield grass on Lap 12, but was able to keep it going.

With 13 laps on the board, Finnegan continued to lead in front of Givens, Novis, Neumeister, Brad Lavalle, Ellis, Goodfellow, Feeney, Riddell, Parkes, Cole, Munro, and Reesor. Ellis would get alongside Lavalle for fifth on Lap 14, completing the pass a lap later, as Young made his way down pit road.

Cole would get by Parkes for 10th, as Dave Feeney made his way down pit road a lap later. The third caution then came out on Lap 16 for Khan getting into the outside wall, followed by a gesture towards Alex Stewart under the yellow flag.

Finnegan got away on the restart, with Novis getting by Givens for the runner-up spot. Novis tried to make a run at the top spot, but instead went for a drive through the frontstretch grass, before coming to a stop in turn two for the fourth caution at Lap 22.

Finnegan got another good restart, this time with Neumeister moving into second in front of Givens, Ellis, Feeney, and Goodfellow. Goodfellow then challenged Feeney for fifth on Lap 27, with Cole passing them both, bringing Reesor through with him as Feeney now ran seventh in front of Riddell, Goodfellow, and Munro.

The battle for the lead got interesting through this run, with Neumeister looking for a way around Finnegan. He would go to the inside coming off of turn four, with Finnegan coming down for the block. The pair made contact, cutting down the tire for Neumeister. At the same time, the fifth caution came out on Lap 31 for Goodfellow losing his tire on the frontstretch.

Finnegan got another good restart, with Givens back up to second as Cole and Ellis battled for third. Cole then moved into third, bringing Reesor through with him as the sixth caution came out on Lap 37 for Kyle Novis’ bumper laying on the frontstretch following contact with Riddell and Angelo Novis.

Steve Finnegan got a good restart, and led the field across the finish line, but was disqualified in post-race technical inspection. Phil Givens was credited with the victory in front of Craig Cole, Connor Ellis, Calvin Reesor, and Brandon Feeney.

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