Peterborough Speedway

Kimball Out-Battles Field for Electric City 167 ACC Victory

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — A couple bump and runs in the closing stages of the feature set the stage, with Ryan Kimball scoring the victory in the Autumn Colours Classic Electric City 167 feature at Peterborough Speedway.

Shawn Chenoweth laid down the quickest lap in time trials, though would roll a seven for the invert. That would put Billy Zardo on pole in front of James Horner, Dan McHattie, Ryan Kimball, J.R. Fitzpatrick, Connor James, Shawn Chenoweth, Brandt Graham, and more.

The cautions started right away, with the first of those on the opening lap for an incident involving Danny Benedict and Tim Kirby. The second attempt was no smoother, with the second yellow flag for Kirby getting tangled up with Kyle Woods. The third attempt produced another caution for James and Steve Powell on the backstretch, with Horner around in turn three.

The fourth attempt would go smoothly with Dan McHattie grabbing the advantage in front of Fitzpatrick and Kimball, but the yellow flag returned for the fourth time on Lap 2 for Horner stalling.

McHattie got a good restart ahead of Fitzpatrick and Kimball, with Chenoweth up to fourth in front of Graham, Kent Nuhn, Bobby Cousineau, James Townsend, Benedict, Bryan Mercer, James, and Zardo. Benedict then got by Townsend for eighth on Lap 5, bringing Mercer and James through with him. The train continued a lap alter, with the trio also getting by Cousineau.

Woods would spin off of turn four on Lap 12 and not produce a caution, but the fifth yellow flag waved on Lap 14 for Junkin going around in turn two. Benedict used to the restart to move up to fifth, before the sixth caution for Zardo stopping in turn one after going for a slide through the frontstretch grass.

McHattie got a good restart ahead of Fitzpatrick, Kimball, Chenoweth, Benedict, and Mercer. James worked his way back up to seventh in front of Nuhn, Horner, Powell, Graham, Cousineau, Townsend, and Junkin. Graham would get by Powell for 10th just before the seventh caution at Lap 26 for Kimball going around in turn three after going three-wide down the backstretch with Fitzpatrick and Woods.

McHattie got another good restart in front of Fitzpatrick, with Chenoweth now up to third in front of Mercer, Benedict and James. However, the yellow flag returned, for the eighth time, courtesy of Townsend going around in turn four on Lap 33.

McHattie held serve once again as the top-three remained unchanged, with Benedict moving up to fourth in front of James, Mercer, Kimball, Nuhn, Graham, and Zardo. Cousineau ran 11th until he went around for a spin in turn one on Lap 36 for the ninth caution.

The restart saw the top-five unchanged, with Kimball moving into sixth in front of Mercer, Graham, Powell, Zardo, and Nuhn, as Junkin made his way down pit road on Lap 40. The 10th yellow flag waved two laps later for Powell going around in turns three and four.

The restart would see more of the same, with another spin by Powell in the same spot. The next pair of cautions would come back-to-back within the next four laps, for a spin by Zardo in turn one on Lap 61, followed by a spin for Powell on Lap 63.

The restart saw McHattie continue to lead ahead of Fitzpatrick, with Chenoweth back up to third in front of Kimball, James, Benedict, Mercer, Nuhn, Graham, Townsend, Cousineau, Woods, and Sean Walker. Kimball continued his climb back forward, passing Chenoweth for third on Lap 71, followed by a pass on Fitzpatrick two laps later for second. The 14th caution then came out on Lap 75 for the halfway fuel break.

McHattie got another good restart ahead of Kimball, Fitzpatrick, Chenoweth, James, Benedict, Mercer, Nuhn, Graham, Townsend, Cousineau, Woods, Junkin, and Walker.

Ryan Kimball’s return to the front of the field was complete on Lap 97, with a pass on McHattie for the top spot as they weaved their way through lap traffic. James would then get by Chenoweth for third a lap later, bringing Benedict through with him.

The 15th caution then came out on Lap 103 for Mercer going around on the backstretch, courtesy of contact with Walker. Mercer’s night would get worse, as he was part of the 16th caution at Lap 105 when he was stuck on top of Cousineau in turns three and four.

Kimball got a good restart as Fitzpatrick moved into second, bringing Benedict and James with him. McHattie now ran fifth in front of Chenoweth, Nuhn, and Graham. Graham would challenge Nuhn for seventh on Lap 111, completing the pass a lap later, with Mercer following suit a couple laps later.

Chenoweth would give McHattie a pop for fifth on Lap 125, with the 17th caution coming out a lap later for Cousineau and Townsend getting tangled up together in turn four.

Kimball got a good restart ahead of Fitzpatrick, with James getting by Benedict for third as Chenoweth ran fifth in front of Graham, McHattie, Nuhn, Cousineau, Townsend, Woods, Junkin, and Mercer. Benedict and James would swap the third spot back and forth through the next 10 laps, with James holding server.

The battle for the lead with get interesting in the final 20 laps of the event, as Fitzpatrick found himself right on Kimball’s back bumper for the top spot. He would make his move on Lap 151, giving the No. 29 a slight bump to get underneath and get by for the lead.

Kimball would keep himself close to Fitzpatrick to not allow him by, and it paid off as he was able to return the favor with a bump and run of his own to retake the top spot on Lap 160. With a tire going down from the contact, James and Benedict would both get by Fitpatrick over the next three laps.

Ryan Kimball scored the victory in front of Connor James, Danny Benedict, Shawn Chenoweth, and J.R. Fitzpatrick.

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