Peterborough Speedway

Eric Yorke Scores Mini Stock Autumn Colours Classic 67 Victory

PETERBOROUGH, Ontario — There may have been a break in Autumn Colours Classics at Peterborough Speedway, but Eric Yorke has not lost his touch in that period as he picked up the victory in the Mini Stock 67-lap feature.

Eric Yorke won the first heat in front of Bryan Penny, Josh Bullen, Rob Harrison, Peter Wakeling, Rob Crick, Brock Baker, Dan Demers, Carol Dawson, Tyler McMurter, and Donovan Burleigh.

Ryan Edwards-Kiss was victorious in the second qualifier ahead of Karl Sault, Dave Watchorn, RJ Croteau, Chandler Bos, Wayde Thorne, Jeff McKibbon, and Victor Vowles.

The third race featured a quick incident, with Tim McKnight going around on the first lap, while Dave Butcher got into Justin Fox, and Mike Nelson broke. Charlie Smith picked up the checkered flag followed by Brad Lavalle, Tiffany Vanderbelt, Kyle Fetterly, Fox, Butcher, and Kris Inglis.

The second round of qualifying would be cancelled on Saturday, as a result of rain. Therefore, the main event and b-feature line-up would set based on the first round of heats only.

The b-main featured a dramatic moment, with Jeff Laflamme catching fire on the final lap of competition. Mike Nelson scored the victory in front of Tiffany Vanderbelt, Michael Kenny, and Carol Dawson.

Come feature time, Karl Sault grabbed the early advantage in front of Jassen Whyte, Brad Lavalle, Eric Yorke, Bryan Penny, Ryan Edwards-Kiss, Josh Bullen, Charlie Smith, Dave Watchorn, Chandler Bos, and Wayde Thorne, as Brock Baker headed down pit road on Lap 6. Bullen would get alongside Edwards-Kiss for sixth on Lap 7, easily taking the spot.

With nine laps on the board, Sault continued to lead but with Yorke up to second in front of Lavalle, Whyte, Bullen, Penny, and Edwards-Kiss. The caution would then come out a lap later for an incident on the backstretch involving Bullen, Penny, Edwards-Kiss, and Tim McKnight.

Karl Sault got a good restart in front of Yorke, Lavalle, and Smith, with Whyte and Bos side-by-side for fifth. Yorke would then get alongside Sault for the lead on Lap 13, taking the top spot a lap later, as Lavalle looked to follow him through. Lavalle would take over second on Lap 16 in front of Sault, Smith, Whyte, Bos, and Watchorn, as Nelson headed down pit road.

Rob Crick ran eighth in front of Thorne and Rob Harrison, with Bullen getting by Harrison for 10th on Lap 19. Wakeling ran 12th followed by Dave Butcher, Tiffany Vanderbelt, and Kyle Fetterly. Bullen then moved into ninth on Lap 22 ahead of Thorne and Harrison.

Crick would move past Bos for sixth on Lap 24, with Bullen eighth in front of Watchorn and Thorne. Bullen got alongside Bos on Lap 25, while Crick challenged Whyte for fifth three laps later. Bullen would move into fifth on Lap 30 in front of Crick, Whyte and Bos, as Thorne battled Wathorn for ninth. Thorne got the spot a lap later, while Harrison rounded out the top-11.

The leaders would find themselves knee-deep in lap traffic as Sault got completely sideways trying to go by Harrison on Lap 32. Unfortunately, Lavalle wasn’t as lucky, as contact was made, resulting in Lavalle getting into the outside turn two wall for the caution at Lap 37. With 31 laps to go, Yorke led Sault, Smith, Bullen, Crick, Whyte, Bos, Thorne, Vanderbelt, Wakeling, Michael Kenny, Butcher, Justin Fox, and Jeff McKibbon.

The restart would see three-wide with Crick and Fox in turn one and two result in Bullen going around. The second attempt was clean with Yorke holding serve in front of Sault, Smith, Bos and Thorne, as Vanderbelt and Bullen battled for sixth. Bullen got the spot, followed by a pass on Thorne for fifth at Lap 40.  Bullen continued to move forward, passing Bos for fourth at Lap 47, while Kenny passed Vanderbelt for sixth at Lap 52.

Eric Yorke led the rest of the way en route to picking up the checkered flag, followed by Karl Sault and Josh Bullen, who made the pass for third on Charlie Smith with 10 laps to go. Chandler Bos rounded out the top-five, followed by Michael Kenny, Tiffany Vanderbelt, Wayde Thorne, and Rob Crick.

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