Bone Stocks

BY THE NUMBERS: Bone Stock Season at Sunset Speedway

With consistency across the board, Matt Boyes wrote his name in the history books with the Bone Stock Championship at Sunset Speedway as he gets ready to start a new chapter.

Following the eight points night that they were able to get in between the rain drops, here is how the numbers shook out.

1st is the best average finish of any driver, set by Nic Ramsay with a win in his lone appearance

1.67 is the second-best average finish of any drivers, set by Phil Givens, across three appearances

2 feature wins for Givens gave him the second-most

2.125 is the best average finish set by a driver to run all eight races, courtesy of Matt Boyes

feature wins for Boyes led the way of all drivers

drivers scored more than three top-five’s – Boyes, Brandon Steele, and Calvin Reesor

4.29 is the fourth-best average finish set by all drivers, set by Steele

4.57 is the fifth-best average finish set by all drivers, set by John Bird

5 drivers won features – Boyes, Givens, Ramsay, Steele, and Bird

drivers scored more than five top-10’s – Boyes, Reesor, Steele, Karlie Wilman, Aundrea Lusk, and Bird

top-five’s for Boyes led all drivers this season

top-10’s for Boyes and Reesor led all drivers this season

15 different drivers scored a feature top-five this season

23 different drivers scored a feature top-10 this season

31 different drivers ran a feature this season

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