Bone Stocks

Phil Givens Makes Late-Race Pass for Bone Stock Victory at Sunset Speedway

INNISFIL, Ontario — As the leaders raced through lap traffic, Phil Givens caught Andrew Shilling and made the late-race pass to score the victory on Sunday at Sunset Speedway.

The night started off with a quick spin as Nicole Stewart went around in turn one and two, followed by Karlie Wilman breaking on the last lap. Brandon Steele scored the victory ahead of Phil Givens, Matt Boyes, Andrew Shilling, Jack Bird, Michael Peterson, Kris Khan, Rick VanKleef, Joshua Munro, and Stewart.

The second heat featured a yellow flag with Reece Bourgeois making contact with Aundrea Lusk to spin her, collecting Austyn Jennett as he had his front bumper ripped off. Calvin Reesor picked up the checkered flag in front of Jordan Owen, Rolland Goodfellow, Spencer Riddell, Cheyenne Reed-Charles, Bourgeous, Lusk, Jacob Booth, and John Bird.

Andrew Shilling won the third qualifier ahead of Boyes, Steele, Givens, John Bird, Peterson, Khan, Munro, VanKleef, Stewart, and Wilman.

Jordan Owen secured the victory in the fourth heat in front of Reesor, Jennett, Booth, Lusk, Goodfellow, Bourgeois, Reed-Charles, and Riddell.

Come feature time, Andrew Shilling started pole ahead of Cheyenne Reed-Charles, Calvin Reesor, Aundrea Lusk, Jacob Booth, Jordan Owen, John Bird, Phil Givens, Matt Boyes, Nicole Stewart, Rolland Goodfellow, Brandon Steele, Austyn Jennett, Karlie Wilman, Spencer Riddell, Michael Peterson, Kris Khan, and Joshua Munro.

The caution would break out immediately on the first lap for Jennett going around in turn two.

Andrew Shilling got a good restart to take the early advantage ahead of Reesor, as Givens and Booth battled for third. Givens got the spot on Lap 2, as Lusk and Steele battled for fifth in front of Boyes, Reed-Charles, Bird, and Goodfellow.

With six laps on the board, Shilling continued to lead as Reesor and Givens battled for second. Givens took the spot a lap later ahead of Reesor, as Steele ran fourth in front of Boyes and Booth, as Lusk and Bird side-by-side for seventh. Bird got the spot, immediately challenging Booth for sixth, and completing the pass two laps later. Khan then got alongside Booth for seventh on Lap 11, with Lusk back to ninth.

Things would heat up for third on Lap 12, with Boyes and Steele taking Reesor three-wide. Boyes got the spot, bringing Steele through with him to bump Reesor back to fifth in front of Khan, Peterson, and Booth. Lusk would get alongside Booth for eighth on Lap 18, completing the pass, with Riddell looking to follow her through.

At the front of the field, Shilling found himself deep in lap traffic, and timed one move a little wrong. That’d open for Givens to close right to his bumper, and get alongside with two laps to go. He would complete the pass, taking the win.

1 0 Phil Givens
2 29 Andrew Shilling
3 23 Matt Boyes
4 55 Brandon Steele
5 2 Calvin Reesor
6 48 Kris Khan
7 25 John Bird
8 2P Michael Peterson
9 14 Karlie Wilman
10 17 Aundrea Lusk
11 17X Spencer Riddell
12 26 Jacob Booth
13 44 Rolland Goodfellow
14 9 Austyn Jennett
15 68 Jordan Owen
16 99 Cheyenne Charles
17 78 Nicole Stewart
18 53 Joshua Monroe
19 52 Rick VanKleef

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