Cole Kamrath Set to Make Jr. Late Model Debut at Sauble Speedway

When you think of Sauble Speedway and racing across the province of Ontario, there are several last names that immediately come to mind. One of those – Kamrath.

After seeing multiple victories for the family over the years, the next generation is set for their debut with Craig Kamrath’s son Cole Kamrath set to make his Sauble Speedway Jr. Late Model debut on Saturday night.

“I am a little bit nervous but mostly excited for my first race this weekend at Sauble Speedway,” Cole told NEWS FROM THE PITS. “I’ve been awaiting almost 2 years for this. With Covid delaying my debut last season, we had opportunities to make starts at other tracks, but Sauble is home for me.”

Going into his first night at home, the driver of the No. 51 LRR, Nickason Electric,, Next level automotive, AM group of companies, KNK lawncare, CARFAB, peninsula RV, SCR and Paul Pepper Motorsports Jr. Late Model is focused on finishing each of his races, with good results.

“Seat time is key,” he added. “Some day I would like to get the checkered flag! But right now, laps with other cars is what in need.”

The youngster won’t head into the weekend lacking experience, with having got experience through the alotted practice days at the speedway.

“My practices have been going really good,” he commented. “I am getting faster each time and starting to learn my lines better. I think that I am ready for my first race on Saturday night!”

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