Dave Evison Sr. Ready to Get Back Behind the Wheel with OSCAAR

Dating back to in 1980, Dave Evison Sr. has been involved with the sport of motorsports. He spent some time behind the wheel, and then crewed for his brother’s late model team, and OSCAAR Super Late Model team. He would then return back behind the wheel of a truck at Delaware Speedway in 2002, though that was put on pause once again for a bigger family calling.

Now as we heading into 2021, Evison Sr. is not hanging up the helmet yet, ready to partake in the Knightworks Design OSCAAR Hot Rod tour.

” Well, we’re looking at and going and having some fun,” Evison Sr. said. “It’s pretty much a family deal, in having my two sons on the crew, and my brother and his sons, and a couple buddies if they can get some time off work to come out and help out. We’re just looking forward to getting out and having fun with the new project and going and playing. Been looking forward to this for a while.

“I like the traveling part of it, as I learned with the super late model with my brother a few years back. So it’s not the same track all the time; that makes it fun. It’s also a new group of guys, as there’s a couple of guys I’ve raced before – Rob Starr, Jesse Kennedy, so we’re looking to have some fun.”

Going into the season, Evison Sr. says the biggest goal is to have fun, as well as escaping any mechanical issues and trying to complete as many laps as possible.

“I just want to get out and enjoy the season, and the camaraderie of the series,” he added. “That was part of what drew us to this series – the way everybody gets along, and sure every once and awhile there’s a mix-up, but from what I’ve seen from the outside looking in, it looks like a fun series to be involved in.”

Knowing his racing beginnings, the thought of going back home with the series to Delaware Speedway is circled on the calendar for September.

“It’s changed a lot through the years, and it’s going to change again with the new ownership group,” he commented. “I’m looking forward to seeing their progress. It’s nice and close to home, and it’s nice sleeping in your own bed after racing.”

While Delaware Speedway is home to plenty of memories for Evison Sr. through his career, one of his biggest comes from Checkered Flag Speedway.

“I guess the biggest thing that stuck out in my mind is I drove for Gord McKinnon in 1981 out of Etobicoke,” Evison Sr. recalled. “We ran Checkered Flag and one weekend in the summer of ’81, we won a heat and a feature at Delaware on the Friday night and loaded up and went to Checkered Flag and after never being there, we time trialed in the top-10, ran the fast car heat and won it, won the Australian Pursuit race, and finished top-five in the feature.

“That was probably the biggest thing and then family-wise, we took a truck to Delaware that had been in a wreck and straightened it out a little bit and won a heat race in the final race of the season. There’s been a few years between checkered flags, but I’m looking forward to getting out and hopefully picking up one more.”

Though along the way, as he said earlier, the key is to ensure fun along the way.

“Don’t take it as a job,” he advised. “Take it as you’re going to have some fun and enjoy yourself at it. I enjoy the building and the racing part. You have to really enjoy working on them because you get to spend 15-20 minutes in the car, and the rest of the time you’re in the shop. Take your time with things and enjoy the experience.”

As Evison Sr. makes each lap around the track, he is also hoping to create awareness about organ donation. Evison Sr. is a donor himself, giving a kidney to his own brother three years ago.

“People need to think about signing the donor card,” Evison Sr. commented. “Anybody can be a donor at any time so in this day and age, those are things that I think people need to think about.”

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