2021 OSCAAR Modified Drivers To Watch Part 2

With each season that comes up in the Queenston Chevrolet Buick GMC OSCAAR Modifieds, there is always a list of drivers that everyone is keeping an eye on, wondering how they’re going to perform.

As always, be sure to comment with your thoughts – whether positive or negative.

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Jake Watson

2021 Plans: A full-time season with the OSCAAR Modified Series. That will be my main focus while possibly running some mini stock races on the side.
Goals and Expectations: To get a couple top-fives under my belt and even a win. We showed a ton of speed last year for not having a lot of luck and experience.
What attracted you to the modifieds? The amount of talent there is and just how close everyone is week in and week out.
Drivers to Watch: Andy Kamrath and TJ Edwards

Despite just having a pair of starts under his belt at Jukasa Motor Speedway, Jake Watson has already caught attention based on the speed he showed prior to mechanical issues. If the team works out the bugs through the winter, he could definitely be a dark horse to watch.

Wally Wilson

Thoughts as we head into 2021: We, as a team, have improved a lot over the years, and this is our year to really shine and turn some heads finally!
Program Improvements: The bigger tracks such as Jukasa and Delaware. I think this season showed what we’re capable of with our great runs at Sunset! We’ve been working hard in the shop already preparing our cars, which is something that’s a bit different is that we’re off to an earlier start with it this year!
What attracted you to the modifieds? I wanted to get involved in modified racing because growing up, I always loved when the NASCAR Tour Modifieds were on TV. The mods have always been one of my favourites to watch, and there was many times my dad and I would go to Sauble Speedway to watch the OSCAAR Modifieds in action before we began to race in the series! They’ve always been one of the coolest cars on track no matter where they are.
Drivers to Watch: Coltin Everingham because he’s always exciting behind the wheel of any car! Norman Newman because he’s been quick since his first race! Jake Watson was strong last year in his rookie season! Dale Reinhart is always a threat to win, he’s usually in the top 5 every race! Myself, because I feel I’ve got a lot to prove, and have shown a lot of improvement last season!

While it was a big jump for Wally Wilson going from midgets to the modifieds, he has shown steady improvement each season, scoring a pair of top-five’s this past season at Sunset Speedway including a career-best eighth.

Chad Strawn

2021 Plans: Race any races that I can. We’re still not sure if it’s going to be an invitational style season like 2020, or a full regular season.
Goals and Expectations: If we do get any kind of a season, my goal is to step up my at-home racing maintenance. In 2020, because of the limited schedule, I found myself not spending the time I should on the car during the week leading up to the race, fine tuning it. Although we were fast, there’s always room to be faster.
What attracted you to the modifieds? The speed and openness of the modified is what makes it fun to race.
Drivers to Watch: There’s a lot of top runners in the modifieds. AJ (Emms) is always there, racing for the lead. TJ Edwards looks like he’s got a good team and will be near the front every race. (Dale) Reinhardt and I had some tight racing together and he is definitely one to watch. (Andy) Kamrath is always quick. The list honestly goes on and on as there are a ton of great racers.

Despite the limited schedule last season, Chad Strawn was one of those drivers to watch at each of the events, leading laps at Jukasa Motor Speedway and scoring a runner-up in the first of two events at Sunset Speedway.

Norman Newman

2021 Plans: To run the full OSCAAR Modified series as well as any special events that come up.
Goals and Expectations: I’d love to win a championship but I’d be very happy with a top 3 in points, along with being able to challenge for wins every week.
What attracted you to the modifieds? It’s very competitive and cost effective series. The open-wheel cars are a blast to drive as well,
Drivers to Watch: Dale Reinhart & Andy Kamrath will definitely be the guys to watch out for; I also wouldn’t count the rookie to OSCAAR Modified’s, TJ Edwards.

Each year, Norman Newman continues to gain experience and it has shown on-track as he is slowly working towards being a regular front runner. He completed all four races in 2020 in the top-10, including a fifth-place finish at Sunset Speedway.

Stay tuned for the third part, as well as your eyes peeled on the OSCAAR website at for further in-depth interviews with the stars of series.

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