Ontario Legend Series

B-Fee Motorsports Welcomes Back K1 Graphics and Embroidery

As Brandon Feeney and B-Fee Motorsports begins to put together plans for the upcoming 2021 season, they are ensuring they will look good by welcoming back marketing partner K1 Graphics and Embroidery.

Located in Oshawa at 712 Wilson Rd S Unit 14, K1 Graphics need to be your number one destination for all of your graphic design and embroidery needs. If you need proof, just take one glance at the No. 38 the next time you are the track. You can learn more details by checking out their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/K1-Graphics-196677707010332/.

Feeney will hope to be successful at Sunset Speedway, as he will be running their full 10-race Limited Late Model schedule. Entering the season, Feeney admits wanting to see the team place in the top-10 in the season-ending standings at Sunset Speedway, based on the previous experience at the Innisfil oval.

Additionally, he plans to spend anytime not behind the wheel of the No. 38 Late Model back driving the Legend. After getting his feet wet with a couple starts in 2020, including his first career top-10, the focus is on “having fun, but showing improvements.”

K1 Graphics and Design joins previously announced partner Liqui-Moly for the upcoming campaign. Additional marketing partners will be revealed as the season nears closer. B-Fee Motorsports is also looking for more sponsors to jump on-board, and encourages any of those interested to get in touch.

Fans are encouraged to keep up with Feeney by liking the B-Fee Motorsports facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/teamfocusracing/.

By: Ashley McCubbin / AM Marketing – ashleymccubbin17@gmail.com

Photo By: Melissa Smits / One Nine Photography – https://www.facebook.com/OneNineMarketing/

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