Delaware Speedway

Cory McAllister Set for Busy Schedule in 2021

Continuing to make a name himself in short track racing across Ontario, it seems Cory McAllister is ready to fill the plate with lots of racing when this season officially begins.

“We have big plans for 2021,” he told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “Our team has both Super Stocks just about ready to go! We are planning on running Friday nights at Delaware Speedway and Saturday nights at Sunset Speedway, as well as many starts as possible at Flamboro Speedway. Additionally, we will be participating in the APC super stock series in 2021.”

“We sure hope the pandemic allows this, but if not we will run where ever is running. Our team tries to support all tracks in Ontario.”

While keeping in mind the level of competition in the Super Stock division is tough, McAllister notes his team is all about chasing wins, as always.

“We want to be consistent,” he added. “If we can be consistently in the mix in the top-five, we should be there at the end. With not having a lot of experience at Sunset and never seeing Delaware before we know we have a uphill battle in front of us; although with hard work, we are hoping will bring some good results.”

McAllister showed promise at Sunset Speedway in 2018, pacing 27 laps in the feature before slowing with a mechanical issue. He then backed that up with a fifth-place finish in 2019.

“With it being a multi lane track I really enjoy the speedway, the atmosphere, the facility and the track; it just makes for a great experience,” he explained. “With starting out my career at Varney Speedway, I feel the big thing that relates is that the high groove can be the fast one which can result in some great racing.”

This past season, McAllister spent much of the season on the sidelines due to injury, but made an appearance at Jukasa Motor Speedway in August with a 12th-place finish.

“I feel the tracks did what they could with the deck of cards they were played,” he commented. “I believe Flamboro Speedway requires a huge round of applause as they were the ones to get really get things going on the asphalt side. The big thing I believe is we really need to support speedways in 2021 to help them survive they have taken a huge hit in 2020.”

In trying to ensure the strongest year ahead, it’s not surprising to hear McAllister and the team have been hard at work from the very beginning of the off-season in putting everything together. It dates back to last year, as even with a smaller schedule for 2020, they spent a lot of time working in the shop, trying to improve things, well “working on ways to be more organized,” and doing quite a bit of testing.

“Our team never stops working,” he expressed. “Even on a night we win, we still go back and try to figure out how to get faster. The best part about this program is the people for sure between the crew that keeps working and making sure we have a well prepared car as well SCR (Shawn Chenoweth Racing). Shawn’s input and works speaks for itself and it sure helps when the car is very close week in and week out! I can’t thank them all enough.”

While the Super Stock has been their focus, there is also still a mini stock within their program, and McAllister plans to run as many events as he can at Sunset Speedway and invitationals as possible.

“Every night we unload we want to win,” he commented. “With how hard our crew works and how well prepared the car is  I believe we should be in the mix always. They are a great group of mini stocks out there so it will be exciting to see where the 71 Mustang stacks up.”

John Brown

Knowing the hard work that goes into a program is no surprise for McAllister, as he spent every Saturday night growing up going to Sauble Speedway with the O Connor family as his dad crew chiefed for Paul Took.

“During the week nights, I wouid go with Dad to help Paul work on his challenger,” he commented. “Growing up and watching Paul in the challenger and Andy Schmidt in the late models were likely my two racing heroes. Cool part of it now that I race, and both Andy and Paul call often to see how things are going. Pretty crazy how things change over the years.”

While everyone has grown used to seeing the No. 71 on the door, that also dates back to his beginnings in motorsports and the first racecar he bought.

“It came with number 11 on it,” he recalled. “The first night at the track, there was already a 11 there, so we had to change the number and the easiest change was to make it into a 71 – ever since then we have been number 71.”

For their support of his racing program, McAllister would like to thank his sponsors Struyk Energy Systems, Caldecott Millwright Services, Onsite Health and Safety Training, Butterball Canada, Epic Racewear, Nicoll Insurance, Cumming Clean Laundry and Uniform, The Basement Store, SCR – Shawn Chenoweth Racing, Schnurr Race Products, and Junk Dawg Bin and Float Service.

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