Jukasa Speedway

Trevor Collver Dominates MRE Super Stock Series Feature at Jukasa Motor Speedway

Taking the lead on Lap 8, Trevor Collver paced the field the rest of the way en route to winning the MRE Super Stock Series feature at Jukasa Motor Speedway on Saturday.

Lane Zardo was the quickest in time trials with a lap of 20.681 seconds ahead of Marvin Freiburger (20.895), Paul Pepper (20.895), Trevor Collver (20.941), and Gerrit Tiemersma (20.973). Ryan Dyson qualified sixth, followed by Nick Troback, Frank Davey, Jordan Latimer, and Paul Boundy.

The invert would put Troback and Davey on the front row, with Troback leading the opening lap ahead of Davey and Dyson, as Collver and Tiemersma battled for fourth ahead of Freiburger. Collver would get the spot on Lap 4 ahead of Tiemersma and Freiburger, as Latimer and Pepper battled for seventh.

Davey would get alongside Troback for the top spot on Lap 5, with Collver alongside Dyson for third a lap later, as Freiburger lost a lot of ground after getting a groove too high off the corner.

Davey would take the lead on Lap 7, but the caution came out at the same time for Steve Cashmore slowing in turn two with a flat tire. Under the yellow flag, Steve Ecker brought the No. 03 into the pits, done for the event. With 33 laps to go, Troback, Davey, Dyson, Collver, Tiemersma, Latimer, Zardo, Pepper, Andrew Ferriera, Rick Verberne, Ryan Bright, Kris Lawrence, Freiburger, Paul Boundy, Dennis Cybalski, Randy Rusnell, and Coltin Everingham.

The restart would see Collver take Davey and Troback three-wide for the lead, with Collver grabbing the top spot, as Troback and Dyson battled for second, with Latimer heading into the pits with a mechanical problem. Dyson grabbed second on Lap 9, with Zardo and Tiemersma following suit, as Davey looked to clear Troback next. Behind them, Freiburger ran seventh ahead of Ferriera and Pepper.

With 15 laps on the board, Collver led Dyson, Zardo, Tiemersma, Davey, Troback, Pepper, and Freiburger. Pepper would then get alongside Troback for sixth on Lap 16, completing the pass a lap later. Freiburger continued to run eighth ahead of Ferriera, Lawrence, Troback, Rusnell, and Cybalski, with McAllister and Everingham side-by-side for 14th.

Freiburger would move into seventh on Lap 20, bringing Ferrira through with him to bump Troback back to ninth ahead of Lawrence, Rusnell, Verberne, and Cybalski. Lawrence then got alongside Troback for ninth on Lap 23.

With 24 laps on the board, Collver led Dyson, Zardo, Tiemersma, Pepper, Davey, Freiburger, Ferriera, Lawrence, Troback, Rusnell, Verberne, McAllister, Weeda, and Everingham, as Wilkie and Davenport battled for 16th, with Wilkie getting the spot on Lap 29, as Boundy looked to follow him through.

Pepper would continue to make his way forward, getting alongside Tiemersma for fourth on Lap 31, completing the pass a lap later. Everingham would also look to move forward, getting alongside Weeda for 14th on Lap 35, as Wilkie and Boundy battled behind them. Everingham got the spot, taking 14th over Weeda and Boundy.

Trevor Collver led the rest of the way en route to scoring the victory ahead of Ryan Dyson, Lane Zardo, Paul Pepper, and Gerrit Tiemersma. Frank Davey finished sixth, followed by Marvin Freiburger, Andrew Ferreira, Kris Lawrence, and Nick Troback. Randy Rusnell placed 11th, followed by Cory McAllister, Rick Verberne, Coltin Everingham, Mike Weeda, Paul Boundy, Roy Wilkie, Bill Brekelmans, Ryan Bright, and Steve Cashmore. Jake Zevenbergen finished 21st, followed by Donovan Price, Todd Davenport, Gary McLean, Dennis Cybalski, Glen Schnur, Jeff Cassidy, Jordan Latimer, and Steve Ecker.

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