Flamboro Speedway

Karlie Wilman Ready for Flamboro Speedway’s Operation Green Flag Learning Curve

After having gained experience at Sunset Speedway the past year, Karlie Wilman is ready for a new challenge in her first trip to Flamboro Speedway.

“My thoughts going in is to do the best I can as it is a new learning curve because it is a new track I’ve never ran before,” she said. “I’m excited to get back behind the wheel, though. We have been working day and night for the last 3 or 4 weeks getting these cars ready to go working tirelessly, but I wouldn’t want it any other way because we do it as a family.

“I am also proud to be representing Ladies of the oval this weekend.”

For Wilman, it also brings a new opportunity and challenge with racing in the biggest field of her career to date.

“I love racing in a big field, although this is the biggest field I’ve ever ran in,” she expressed. “But with the actual list, there are some drivers I’ve competed against before, and some drivers I haven’t ran against before. There is gonna be some very tough competition but my goal is to just finish well and keep the car all in one piece.

“Either way, it will be a good time but what I am most excited about is finally getting to race against my dad. After all last year trying to convince him to race against me just once, it’s not very often I get to say I beat my dad’s butt at something. Looking forward to running against my teammates again, although were missing a few cars from our team. I’m just thankful that we are getting the opportunity to get to race.”

Wilman is coming off a solid rookie campaign that saw her score seven top-10’s this past season.

“My thoughts upon last year was every weekend was different,” she said. “There was good weeks and bad weeks; the track is my home away from home. It was awesome having my boyfriend and my brother in law in the field as we were learning last year. But I’m definitely ready to put all the drama and the unfortunate events from last year behind us for my teammates. and it’s a new year, new cars, new teammates, so it’s a fresh start for the SKLD Motorsports team.”

Wilman is proud to receive sponsorship support from Hamilton Contracting, Wilman Haulage, and Orillia Auto Centre.

Be sure to keep up with SKLD Motorsports all year long by liking their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SKLDMOTORSPORTS/.

Press Release by Ashley McCubbin/AM Marketing – ashleymccubbin17@gmail.com

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