Jody Bound Keeping Busy “Trading Four Tires for One Rubber Track”

Story written with files from Jody Bound, compiled together by Ashley McCubbin

Everybody knows that through the summers, racers have a thrill for speed – though what happens when the winter months hit? Some of them go virtual racing, while others decide to trade in their car for a snowmobile.

Known for winning races and championships, Jody Bound and car owner Larry Wilson certainly have had success in the Outlaw Midgets. Though many do not realize that Wilson actually cut his roots competing in snowmobiles, both drag and oval competition, capturing several trophies in Canada and the United States.

Wilson hoped to get back to his roots this off-season, building a pair of snowmobiles to compete in the OSOR (Ontario Snowmobile Oval Racing) association which travels within Ontario. Though slowed down with pneumonia, he missed several events, but was gather enough strength to join the tour at Pinestone in Haliburton.

The initial plan was for Wilson to drive, with Bound cheering on the sidelines. However, plans would change on race day as a result of Wilson not feeling 100% and nobody else available. It was a whole new adventure for Bound, though, as he had never raced  one himself and only witnessed three events prior to this one, but he was ready for the challenge.

“Can’t be that hard,” Bound explained. “Four corners, two straightaways, and turn left when you get to the corners – only difference was gas was on the right thumb instead of the right foot. Oh ya, and GO FAST!”

With zero laps of practice, one of the bumpiest tracks of the season, Bound managed to put the No. 5 on the podium with both sleds in second position.

“I was very happy with my finishes,” he commented. “It was almost funny. I felt good finishing behind Andrew Daraugh, a fellow that had won world championship before at Eagle River Wisconsin.”

Bound was back behind the controls for the last race of the season at the Polar Bear Cup in Cochrane, Ontario, with John (Beach) Schraa helping prepare the sleds for the event. Wilson entered his new (rookie) driver into three classes, including the open class against some of the most experienced, and the team was able to have success. Bound placed the No. 5 on the podium in second for all three classes, just inches from taking home the Polar Bear Cup.

“The OSOR has some great people and put on great events throughout the winter months in several locations,” Bound commented. “With the racing age ranging from five-years-old in the 120 class to seasoned veterans in the Masters class, from entry level to full out race sleds, the club has something for everyone no matter your budget. There are other summer drivers that follow the winter circuit such as 2019 Outlaw Midget Champ Adam Carrothers and his partner Lynda Smith, both competing in there respective classes.

“It’s a great opportunity to run equipment for Larry Wilson. His building ability in the car or snowmobiles is just amazing. Yes, the racing is fun and a great adrenaline fix, but its the time spent going to the track listening to old stories and just learning things from a such a knowledgeable person. Most of all, its true friendship.”

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