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Shiann Wilman Ready to Get Back Behind The Wheel in 2020

ORILLIA, Ontario — After having to call her season short due to other circumstances, Shiann Wilman has been focused ever since on making the 2020 campaign much more memorable as she makes to the move to Sunset Speedway’s Bone Stock division.

“I’m very excited to move to Bone Stock to be able to grow as a driver with the rest of my team and have fun,” she commented. “I find Mini Stock very competitive and I feel it’s a better fit for me in bone stock for the time being!”

The decision will see her race against not only her boyfriend Austyn Jennett, but as well as her sister Karlie Wilman and her boyfriend Andrew Shilling. The SKLD Motorsports team made a splash last year in Bone Stock competition, with several top-10 finishes to their credit en route to Shilling scoring a top-five finish in the standings.

“I want to have fun and improve each and every race,” she continued. “I think it will be fun having four out of many cars on our team in the same race every weekend, and giving my dad back his Mini.”

Going into the season, the teenager is focused on getting a new feel for her new racecar, with a focus on improving each week she’s out on the track.

“I am very excited to race with all my friends and family,” she commented. “It’s definitely not easy having so many cars on one team and five coming from one household. It has proven it takes so much dedication and drive. It’s a lot, but who wants life to be easy?”

Last season, she was scheduled to run the full Mini Stock campaign at Sunset Speedway though faced health issues that led to many sleepless nights and back pain, among other side effects, resulting in her sitting on the sidelines cheering on her teammates. Thankfully, the cause was determined with Wilman undergoing surgery at the beginning of the off-season and ready for 2020 now.

“The biggest thing I have learned well driving the Mini Stock is how you have to be able to adjust to the race car,” she said. “They change so much as a day goes on and learning what to do and how to do it in seconds isn’t easy!”

Wilman’s full list of marketing partners will be revealed as we near closer to the 2020 season.

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