Full Throttle Motor Speedway

Andrea Parsons Sees Improvement in Second Season of Mini Stock Competition

Behind the wheel of a mini stock for the second season, Andrea Parsons felt that she stepped up her game compared to her rookie campaign.

“This year we made it out for all races,” she told SHORT TRACK MUSINGS. “We did have a few mechanical issues and a blown up engine, but with my first mini stock win this year, it was all worth it! Although our win was the first night, it still meant a lot to my team and I. I thought with coming back after the off season we would have some set up issues or I would have forgot to drive, but that luckily was not the case!

“We did travel to Sauble (Speedway) where the car felt awesome until our second heat where it blew up. I felt like we could of had a decent finish there. When we went to Sunset (Speedway), we didn’t change anything from our Varney (Full Throttle Motor Speedway) set up and our gearing was way off, so we were just there to help the car count. It was my first time there and although we were slow, it was still a good time! The last place we went to was Flamboro (Speedway) for Frostoberfest where driver errors and bad luck ended of our season with a blown head gasket and bent rear clip.”

At her home track of Full Throttle Motor Speedway, she was able to score eight top-five’s and 29 top-10’s, though still says her first career victory on May 4 was her favourite moment of the season, nothing can top “the adrenaline and the feeling of accomplishment.” Being able to reach victory lane was no easy task, as FTMS has become the home of several tough running competitors.

“I find each and every year the competition level gets higher and tougher,” she commented. “With some drivers finally figure themselves or their cars out, new drivers just knowing there stuff and getting it done, and then you have the ones we all expect to be the ones to beat. I find it’s great to have “the ones to beat” out there because if you come close or actually beat them, I feel that would be a big accomplishment for that driver!”

Though being able to run those top running competitors is no easy task, with several hours spent in the shop through the season. While busy raising a couple children herself, she says the critical piece to her team is the members behind the scenes.

“I am very lucky though to have a great team with my fiancé Nick Clarke taking charge of adjustments and making sure all the work gets done, and his dad Bill Clarke for helping work on the car and letting us use his shop,” she said. “Also, the many people that watch my children so I am able to race, with some of them being my sister, my mom, Nick’s mom and a few others! I definitely wouldn’t be able to make it on the track each week without these people!”

After a successful season, Parsons has revealed that she will not be running full-time, or be out that much this season. However, her car will be on track with a few guest drivers behind the wheel.

“I have a few things that will be taking up my time,” she explained. “We are planning on building our son a kid stock this winter and I’d like him to be a main focus and with our wedding at the end of the year, there is a lot of stuff that way that needs my attention. I do plan on running at least one Enduro and maybe a few races but that’s not 100% right now. I will be back full time at some point!”

For Parsons, racing has been ingrained in her from a young age, growing up at Varney and watching her grandpa Super Dave Gray racing with other family members.

“I may not have watched them all race but some of the racers in my family are my dad, my uncle Davey, uncle Jeff, my cousin had raced, my sister raced the women’s challenge, my mom had done a few races – it was bound to happen,” she commented. “In 2010, I believe I got to try out a women’s challenge race in my now brother-in-law ‘s mini stock. I didn’t do very well, but the adrenaline I felt made me want more! In 2011, Nick let me use his car to run the full women’s challenge season where I won all three races. The following year the four fun class had opened up at the track and Nick and Bill let me run a car where I finished second in points! And it’s just been on and off for me since!”

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